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Different from other transport as a plane, cruise; the hot air balloon depends on the weather, almost of ballon can not ride when it is dark and wind Getting the right conditions and weather for hot air balloon flights The weather is different for each Yearly and monthly. So hot

Đến Huế vào tháng 4/2020 này, bạn sẽ có những trải nghiệm khó quên khi hòa mình vào không khí dịp Festival Huế, thăm quan thành phố xanh của việt nam và thưởng thức ẩm thực đặc sắc của người dân cố đô. Tại sao không nào:  Tận hưởng không

Hue city – a center of historic, culture in Vietnam – Traveller from Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh when going to Hue, you have many options to chose a comfort transport, convenient and good price such as motorbike, car, train or plane Located on a narrow strip in Central

The top of restaurants in Hue that you must try and compare with other region’s cuisine. Here is list of best restaurant that close proximity to Hue’s iconic landmarks, most of these restaurant feature equally opulent interiors and exceptional service as well as traditional music and dance performances. Catering to

The best of Hue special dishes were once served to Royal families and king of Nguyen Dynasty, nowadays you can find it in local restaurants in Hue city, from roadside stalls to luxury hotel serving these specialties all year round. When talking about Hue food, it’s famous with sweet and

Opening Ceremony of Traditional Hue – Hue Festival 2017  Hue festival has affirmed its brand and prestige in the hearts of the public and visitors, as well as artisans of traditional craft villages throughout Vietnam. The international element of the Hue Festival has gradually been shaped, building Hue as the Festival

Hue city is known as the Buddhist region in Vietnam. That’s why vegetarian food is familiar to local people. You maybe surprised by seeing many food retail to big vegan restaurants in Hue serving vegetarian food on the first date and the 15th date of lunar month. From the natural goods that

Hue Festival is an international festival where cultures of many area and countries converge together. Hue held festival  of Traditional craft  is held every two years with many activities. The Hue Traditional Festival 2017  includes the main activities: – The opening ceremony associated with special arts program took place at

Lap An Lagoon or An Cu lagoon is located within Lang Co Bay, beside Highway AH1 running through Lang Co town, Phu Loc about 62km from Hue and 38km from Da Nang. Travel from Da Nang to Hue, just over 20 km of scenic Hai Van Pass, Lang Co bay

Being founded by Emperor Gia Long (Nguyen Anh), the Nguyen Dynasty including 13 kings lasted for over 140 years (1802 – 1945). In the beginning, Nguyen Anh experienced a lot of hardships for a fourth of a century to found his kingdom. Pressingly hunted by the Tay Sun force, he had to run

In its ordinary meaning, “Hue Royal Music” is understood as genres of music, including music combined with dance and opera, used in worshiping ceremonies, court affairs and national festivals hosted by the court and entertainment activities of the King and his Royal Family. The name Nha Nhac was used by