Elephant Springs in Phu Loc, Hue

Hue elephant Springs

Located on the way from Hue to Da Nang, Elephant Springs, some 55 km from Hue, is an excellent natural spring that is well worth a hot summer tour.

Elephant Springs is about 1km long separate 2 areas. This area consists of a number of natural pools with clear and cool water, scattered by huge boulders. With some imagination, you can find a rock, which looks like an elephant head, giving the name of the springs. Climbing on the rock and swimming in the springs or just relax on some sitting mats, offered by the locals, can give you opportunities to spend several hours visiting this lovely. Here, travelers can soak and swim in cool water or sit on the rocks and listen to the sound of the wind flowing, the water pouring, the birds singing, stroll among the green trees and breathe fresh air.Elephant spring Vietnam

The name Elephant is originated from the large stone looks like an elephant near the waterfall.

On the hot summer day, you should drop in here and sluice yourself down the smooth rocks, there are many spots upstream to explore.

Elephant Springs be pretty deserted on weekdays and winter, which is great if you’re looking for some privacy, sometimes you have bring some fast food for these days or you can buy on the way from Hue to spring.

Suoi voi vietnam
The bamboo Shacks

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How to get Elephant Springs

  • To get there, take AH1 south out of Hue city, on the way from Hue to Hoi An, and keep your eye on the right side or on the left side if you driving from Da Nang to Hue. Follow the road across the stream to the springs.
  • Admission is 20.000 vnd, plus 10,000 VND to park your motorbike.
  • If you travel by private car, we surcharge 200.000 VND/ group for the parking fee, entrance fee and waiting time.
  • You have to pay for the little bamboo Shacks near the poor 200.000 -300.000, you must deal with them.
Elephant spring in Hue
How fantastic is when swim in cool water

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