Thuy Tien Lake – an abandoned water park in Hue city

Thuy Tien Lake – An abandoned water park in Hue city

Thuy Tien Lake abandoned water park in Hue

Thuy Tien Lake or Ho Thuy Tien is an abandoned water park in Hue city, Vietnam. It was built in late 2001 and it hopes to become a popular attraction for children and teenagers in Hue. The lake is surrounded by a large wall with a bridge leading to dragon island. Thuy Tien water park was abandoned in 2006 when the owner went bankrupt and the government refused to bail him out. The water park has become a popular spot for urban explorers and photographers. In recent years, this site has been featured in several films and music videos. An abandoned water park has become a hotspot for young who like ghosts, conquerors, or horror.

How to visit Hue’s abandoned water park

Visiting this abandoned water park is easy, but it is important to note that the water park is not officially open to the public nowadays, the local authority controls the Thuy Tien area and has a guard.

It is recommended to bring a flashlight or just your phone, as the stair to the dragon head is often dark and deserted.

How to get to Thuy Tien abandoned water park from Hue city center?

From Hue city center, the quickest way to get to Thuy Tien Lake is to take a private car. The park is located near the Thien An Hills and Thien An church. To visit here, you can hire a private car or make a tailored tour to take you to the site. Once there, you can explore the park with caution as it is not maintained and could be dangerous.

If you try to go there by motorbike. it is a little difficult to find this site, it is so off the beaten track that you won’t find it in any guidebooks; you have to ask other travelers or get dropped pin coordinates off someone in the know. It’s about 10 kilometers outside of Hue and isn’t that easy to get to, but it’s worth it!

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Abandoned water park Hue opening hours?

As we mentioned above, it is not officially open to the public, so you can go there any time and keep safe because it is not maintained and could be dangerous if you go there alone

Is there any entrance ticket for Thuy Tien Lake?

No, there is no entrance ticket because of the abandoned water park. The park is not open to visitors but has a guard and you should give him a small money about 20.000 ~ less than 1 usd to get inside from the main gate or a small trail on the left of the gate. But this is easy to understand, the guard stands here to protect any people who can not go inside, and you try to bribe the guard.

Cursed waterpark fails to keep open

Just for fun, the locals were said to have been cursed from the beginning, the park on a site that was once home to a sacred temple. Although the temple was destroyed for many reasons before many locals believed that the park was doomed from the start due to the desecration of the temple.

In the fact, Thuy Tien Water Park has been forced to close its doors due to financial difficulties. The water park had been open for a couple of years when it announced its closure, citing that it had become “unsustainable” due to a lack of customers. besides that, the park hasn’t any activities, simple as water slides, a duck boat, some crocodiles, fish, and some statues of cartoon characters.

Thuy Tien water park closed its doors due to a lack of customers. the owner had difficulty attracting enough customers to remain profitable.

What’s things to see at Thuy Tien Lake abandoned water park

Checking in the iconic dragon in Thuy Tien Lake

The moment you enter the gates, you will be met with the iconic three-story-tall dragon that stands guard over this ghost town. Its body, gradually developing rust, is perched atop a dome-shaped structure resembling a spaceship, which once held an aquarium.

Despite the graffiti that coats its mighty coils, there is a lifelike quality to the dragon, as if it could burst into movement at any second. If you can shake the feeling that it will take off, you can ascend the staircase set within the dragon’s ribcage that leads to its mouth.

Between its now-dulled teeth, you will be able to take in a magnificent view of the lake. On a still day, the surroundings are mirrored in the lake’s surface, amplifying the otherworldly atmosphere of the area.

If you should meet a crocodile…
“If you happen to spot a crocodile in the park, it is strongly advised that you keep your distance and alert park staff immediately. It can be hazardous to attempt to interact with the croc in any way.”

Yes, that is right, for a long time, you will see this guide on some blogs of travelers. But it is around 2013-2015, it is little crocodiles were still living in the park, with locals and backpackers keeping them alive.

Originally, the aquarium inside the dragon’s belly had both fish and crocodiles. The Hue WWF eventually resulted in the crocodiles being safely relocated to a wildlife park.

If you meet Crocodile in Thuy Tien water park now, you are the luckiest in the world

Exploring the slide water 

Originally opened in 2004, it was the largest of its kind in Central Vietnam, with a variety of water slides, swimming pools, and a dolphin aquarium.

Visiting Thuy Tien lake and its musical fountain 

Taking pictures with the only vintage blue car in Thuy Tien Lake

Thuy Tien water park nowadays?

From Zero to the Famous Park

It was unfortunately forced to close due to mismanagement and financial difficulties. Despite being left to the elements, visitors are still drawn to its eerie atmosphere and graffiti-covered buildings, and it has even been featured in a number of newspapers such as Huffpost with the article: This Abandoned Waterpark In Vietnam Is Not For The Faint Of Heart… and some music video.

The recent project of Italian electronic dance music group Meduza’s video “Bad Memories”

It starts with a scene of the park’s dragon statue shot from overhead and color corrected in post-production to give the whole thing a spooky vibe.

In 2018, U.S. news site Huffington Post listed Thuy Tien Water Park in Hue among the 10 most creepy destinations while the British newspaper Daily Mail called it “a curious and creepy sit” ideal for backpackers to explore.

Thuy Tien abandoned water park to shed old scales next March 2023

Now, authorities in Hue are reviving the abandoned park in an effort to boost tourism. It’s a spot where visitors can feel like they’ve just been through an apocalypse and lived to tell the tale.

What do you think about reopening this water park of keeping it like today?

Hue’s forgotten dragon-themed water park has been gaining attention in international media as an intriguingly creepy destination. Despite its overgrown, graffiti-covered slides and murky pools, the park has become a popular destination for those looking for a unique adventure off the beaten path.

What is a famous tourist spot near the Thuy Tien Lake in Hue

After exploring the Thuy Tien Lake in Hue, don’t rush back but take a look at the nearby popular tourist spots such as:

Thien An Hill

The road to the Thuy Tien Lake in Hue is Thien An Hill as the park is located on the hill. Therefore, when you arrive at Thuy Tien Lake, tourists can take advantage of the beautiful scenery of Thien An Hill. This is a large hill area, covered by high pine trees. It is now an attractive camping and photography spot for tourists.

Vong Canh Hill

Vong Canh Hill is quite close to the Thuy Tien Lake in Hue, so when you have arrived at this amusement park, don’t forget to visit this famous hill. For a long time, Vong Canh Hill has been said to be the most beautiful view of Hue from above. Here, tourists can admire the most beautiful curve of the Perfume River and take a stroll under the high pine trees.

Khai Dinh Tomb

The Khai Dinh Tomb is located in Hue, Vietnam. It was built between 1920 and 1931, during the reign of Emperor Khai Dinh. The tomb is a combination of traditional Vietnamese and French architecture, the exterior of the tomb is made of reinforced concrete and decorated with colored glass and ceramic mosaics. Inside the tomb, there is a statue of the emperor in a seated position, as well as a number of other statues and artwork. The Khai Dinh Tomb is a popular tourist attraction and is considered one of the most important historical sites in Hue.