Where to watch the final World Cup Match in Hoi An

We are going to the final match of the World Cup 2018. Now is the time for every football team to knock out each other and get the chance for a ticket to the final match.

Are you traveling to Hoi An and looking for a place to enjoy the world cup matches with friends? Even most of the shops in this lovely old town are close before midnight, we try to give you the best ideal places below. Here we go.

  1. Puku Cafe and sport bar

Address:  Lot 12, Lac Quan Street, Cua Dai Beach, Quang Nam

Located right beside the Cua Dai Beach, Puku is not only a nice place to hang out with friends for some beer, meeting other people but also a perfect place to chill out under the heat of summer.

watch world cup in hoi anLocated right beside the beach makes Puku looks so cool for an outside barbecue or a cold beer.

world cup in hoi anPuku provides an LCD screen on top of the bar. Open big door connect inside and outside spaces together makes it easier to watch your match whatever your seat is.

This sports bar serves till the noon of the next day so that you don’t have to worry about the closing time. Just enjoy the Final World cup match, fill your stomach and have much fun.

  1. 3 dragons restaurant bar

Address: 51 Phan Boi Chau, Cam Châu, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Being right in the ancient of Hoi An, beside the river, you can easily find out the bar without making any effort. Even it looks small, but this surely the best choice once you don’t have much time in town. Just walk and you would be there

Firstly it surprised me because of its look. Totally not look like a bar but any lovely shop in Hoi An. The only thing you can be sure the place for football fan is by the World Cup poster.

It looks bigger inside the bar than I think. They provided two big LCD screens to make it easier watching the football match when there are a lot of guesses.

One more surprising here, the bar located right beside the river. Once I found out this, I can be sure this surely my perfect place in Hoi An to hide away the heat of the tropical sun and World Cup atmosphere but can still watch my favorite sport with many friends.

A square which is opposite Hoi An church. They do have a big screen there. Don’t forget your beer.

  1. The Shamrock Hoi An

Address: 21 Nguyen Phuc Chu, Hoi An, Quang Nam

I must say, you can’t find out any other bar that looks more “Hoi An” than this pub. It’s hard to believe that this lovely old building can be a hanging spot to watch the modern sports game like football.

From outside, Shamrock looks cool with traditional lantern decoration. But inside is modernly equipped with four big screens for you to feel comfortable to watch your football with a group of friend.

There is live music every day in Shamrock. Enjoy your cold beer by the riverside under the lantern of Hoi An surely the nicest way to enjoy your trip. But once the World Cup match starts, everybody just concentrates to the screen instead.

The bar servers 24 hours per day so feel free to stay all night to have fun. I hope you don’t have any trouble with the Vietnamese language while watching this biggest sports competition in the world in Hoi An.

Above are some recommended places for your when the final World Cup Match is coming. I will be back with next articles about beautiful Vietnam. Hope you to have a nice holiday.

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Coffee Shops and Restaurants in Hoi An to see World Cup 2018

Are you being in Hoi An right now? Finding a place that you can hang out and watch world cup with a cold beer? Don’t worry, Vietnam is a country that there are a lot of football fans and it’s not so hard to find a bustling community to share your love of sport together.
To have more information about “World Cup Matches Schedule On Vietnamese Television” Please follow the website vtv.vn
In 2018, you need only a normal TV, turn vtv3 or vtv6 on. Below are some cool places can help you to catch up live stream with your favorite football match. Anyway, Hoi An is a small town that many shops would be closed before midnight. After midnight, I suggest staying in your accommodation to enjoy the football match instead.

Olivier Coffee

Address: 06 Hoang Dieu Street, Minh An, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Tripadvisor : https://goo.gl/9y8nHY

Just 1 minute away from “Banh My Phuong”, Olivier is surely on my top list. Provide free wifi and TV for you to freely connect with football fans in Hoi An.

Open architect, cleanliness, and quality of coffee are what make me felt into Olivier.

Simple but charming. Lovely seats make you feel so comfortable. The roof can be removed to bring natural light for the shop on the day

Up the second floor, balcony seat gives you a perfect view of ancient Hoi An.

The Filling Station Bar and Grill

Address: 253 Cua Dai, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam

tripadvisor : https://goo.gl/ciLMpH
20 minutes walking out of ancient Hoi An, “The Filling Station Bar and Grill” is where you can find out great BBQ and very lovely service for non-Asian one. The restaurant provides TV and pool games for entertaining. You can find something in common as burger or sandwich here.Located in a quiet area, this restaurant gives you a calm atmosphere with eco handwork architect.
Prepare BBQ by yourself. Being close to the beach, you can easily find fresh seafood from this restaurant.
There are varieties of beverages, coffee is surely strong.
The seats are comfortable, there are even two lovely doggies for the pet.

HI PHIN Coffee House

Address: 16 Tran Cao Van, Cam Pho, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Tripadvisor : https://goo.gl/MJTc6d
About 12 minutes walking away from “Chua Cau”. HI PHIN attracts a lot of young people with its minimalist decoration and modern architect.

HI PHIN Coffee House
This is a lovely street coffee modern shop in Ancient Hoi An

HI PHIN Coffee House
HI PHIN provides a soundproof room with cable TV. You can watch your favorite channel with a suitable cost.

HI PHIN Coffee House
Cozy atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

Coffee May

Address: 34 Tran Cao Van, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam
Also, another Coffee shop that about 12 minutes from “Chua Cau”. May offer fresh ordered a strong espresso. It’s a surprise for me to find out this place. The cost is quite cheap compared to espresso and the service is cool.
As a minimalist myself, I appreciate the decoration of this shop. There is not a single tacky thing here.
They provide 2 big cable TV. You can easily connect with a lot of young football fans and enjoy the bustling air of world cup.
One more thing I love from May is the art the give to each beverage.

CoCobana Cafe

Address: 16 Nguyễn Thái Học, Phường Minh An, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Việt Nam
This is a really really nice place. It takes about 20 minutes walking from ancient town, located in a quiet place. You can come here to watch a football match and enjoy fresh espresso.
It’s a nice place to visit. Even if it’s night or day, the small lake full of fish cool down the heat of the tropical weather.
The bridge makes you feel like being in an old oriental film school
This is the first time I see the coffee machine like this. It looks old but believes me, the coffee is nice and strong enough to make you up all night for your football match.

Above are some suggests not only for World Cup time but any time of the year if you are looking for a nice place for a strong coffee in Hoi An. I hope I gave you wise advice. Vietnam is a lovely country and coffee is everywhere. Each shop has its own taste of coffee that can make you have a new experience. Have a good trip!

1June 14th20h30-00h30Russia-Arab SaudiLuzhniki MoscowVTV6 & VTV6 HD
2June 15th18h30-21h30 Group A
EkaterinburgVTV6 & VTV6 HD
321h30-00h30Group B
Saint PetersburgVTV6 & VTV6 HD
4June 16th0h30-3h30Group B
Frisht SochiVTV3 & VTV3 HD
516h30-19h30Group C
KazanVTV6 & VTV6 HD
619h30-22h30Group D
Spartak MoscowVTV6 & VTV6 HD
722h30-01h30Group C
Mordovia SaranskVTV6 & VTV6 HD
8June 17th00h30-03h30Group D
KaliningradVTV3 & VTV3 HD
918h30-21h30Group E
Costa Rica-Serbia
SamaraVTV6 & VTV6 HD
1021h30-00h30Group F
Luzhniki MoscowVTV6 & VTV6 HD
11June 18th00h30-03h30Group E
1218h30-21h30Group F
Nizhny NovgorodVTV6 & VTV6 HD
1321h30-00h30Group G
Frisht SochiVTV6 & VTV6 HD
14June 19th00h30-03h30Group G
VolgogradVTV3 & VTV3 HD
1518h30-21h30Group H
Mordovia SaranskVTV6 & VTV6 HD
1621h30-00h30Group H
Spartak MoscowVTV6 & VTV6 HD
17June 20th00h30-03h30Group A
Saint PetersburgVTV3 & VTV3 HD
1818h30-21h30Group B
Luzhniki MoscowVTV6 & VTV6 HD
1921h30-00h30Group A
Uruguay-Arab Saudi
20June 21st00h30-03h30Group B
KazanVTV3 & VTV3 HD
2118h30-21h30Group C
SamaraVTV6 & VTV6 HD
2221h30-00h30Group C
EkaterinburgVTV6 & VTV6 HD
23June 22nd00h30-03h30Group D
Nizhny NovgorodVTV3 & VTV3 HD
2418h30-21h30Group E
Brazil-Costa Rica
Saint PetersburgVTV6 & VTV6 HD
2521h30-00h30Group D
VolgogradVTV6 & VTV6 HD
26June 23rd00h30-03h30Group E
KaliningradVTV3 & VTV3 HD
2718h30-21h30Group G
Spartak MoscowVTV6 & VTV6 HD
2821h30-00h30Group F
Frisht SochiVTV6 & VTV6 HD
29June 24th00h30-03h30Group F
Frisht SochiVTV3 & VTV3 HD
3018h30-21h30Group G
Nizhny NovgorodVTV6 & VTV6 HD
3121h30-00h30Gorup H
EkaterinburgVTV6 & VTV6 HD
32June 25th00h30-03h30Group H
KazanVTV3 & VTV3 HD
3320h30-23h30Group A
SamaraVTV6 & VTV6 HD
3420h30-23h30Group A
Arab Saudi-Egypt
VolgogradVTV2 & VTV2HD
35June 26th00h30-03h30Group B
KaliningradVTV6 & VTV6 HD
3600h30-03h30Group B
Mordovia SaranskVTV3 & VTV3 HD
3720h30-23h30Group C
Frisht SochiVTV2 & VTV2HD
3820h30-23h30Group C
Luzhniki MoscowVTV6 & VTV6 HD
39June 27th00h30-03h30Group D
Saint PetersburgVTV6 & VTV6 HD
4000h30-03h30Group D
4120h30-23h30Group D
KazanVTV6 & VTV6 HD
4220h30-23h30Group F
EkaterinburgVTV2 & VTV2HD
43June 28th00h30-03h30Group E
Spartak MoscowVTV6 & VTV6 HD
4400h30-03h30Gorup E
Switzerland-Costa Rica
Nizhny NovgorodVTV3 & VTV3 HD
4520h30-23h30Group H
VolgogradVTV6 & VTV6 HD
4620h30-23h30Group H
SamaraVTV2 & VTV2HD
47June 29th0h30-3h30Group G
Mordovia SaranskVTV3 & VTV3 HD
480h30-3h30Group G
KaliningradVTV6 & VTV6 HD
49June 30th20h30-00h30Round 16
The first of Group C- The second of Group D
KazanVTV6 & VTV6 HD
50July 01st00h30-04h30Round 16
The first of Group A- The second of Group B
Frisht SochiVTV3 & VTV3 HD
5120h30-00h30Round 16
The first of Group B- The second of Group A
Luzhniki MoscowVTV6 & VTV6 HD
52July 02nd00h30-04h30Round 16
The first of Group C- The second of Group C
Nizhny NovgorodVTV3 & VTV3 HD
5320h30-00h30Round 16
The first of Group D- The second of Group F
SamaraVTV6 & VTV6 HD
54July 03rd00h30-04h30Round 16
The first of Group G- The second of Group H
5520h30-00h30Round 16
The first of Group D- The second of Group F
Saint PetersburgVTV6 & VTV6 HD
56July 04th00h30-04h30Round 16
The first of Group H- The second of Group g
Spartak MoscowVTV3 & VTV3 HD
57July 06th20h30-00h30Quarter-final 1
Win the match 49th-Win the match 50th
Nizhny NovgorodVTV6 & VTV2
58July 07th00h30-04h30Quarter-final 2
Win the match 53rd-Win the match 54th
KazanVTV3 & VTV3 HD
5920h30-00h30Quarter-final 3
Win the match 55rd-Win the match 56th
SamaraVTV6 & VTV2
60July 08th00h30-04h30Quarter-final 4
Win the match 51st-Win the match 52nd
Frisht SochiVTV3 & VTV3 HD
61July 11th00h30-04h30Semi-final 1
Win the Semi-final 1-Win the Semi-final 2
Saint PetersburgVTV3 & VTV3 HD
62July 12th00h30-04h30Semi-final 2
Win the Semi-final 3-Win the Semi-final 4
Luzhniki MoscowVTV3 & VTV3 HD
63July 14th20h30-00h30World cup Bronze Match 2018Saint PetersburgVTV6 & VTV2
64July 15th20h30-00h30The Final Match
World cup 2018
Luzhniki MoscowVTV6 & VTV2