Khai Dinh Tomb situated in the Chau Chu mountains. It is the resting place of the 12th emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty – Khai Dinh (1885-1925). Although the area of ​​this tomb is not too big but build it very meticulous and time-consuming, it took 11 years to built.

Overall of tomb is a rectangular blocks rising to 127 steps. Maybe when you step foot in here, look at the step likely bored, don’t want to walk. But if you overcome these steps, you will have no regrets at all.
Inside Khai Dinh Tomb brings a majestic beauty that anyone easy overwhelmed. This works reflects extravagant personality, love sported of Khai Ding King during his life.
Here, visitors will find that this works bring mark of many different schools, most affected by the architecture of the West. Therefore, it is strange and unique compared to other traditional works of Vietnam.

Khai Dinh statue
Khai Dinh king statue on top of tomb

You will rarely see traditional materials such as wood, stone, brick,..but instead is iron doors, the cross, caro bricks, electric lighting systems,…
The main structure in Khai Dinh Tomb is Thien Dinh palace, highest, most delicate. The entire furniture of this palace are decorated with reliefs made of porcelain and crystal. Create masterpieces of art are artists Phan Van Tanh.
In the tomb has copper statues carved image of Khai Dinh King standing and sitting.

Khai Dinh tomb inside

Khai Dinh Tomb really is a symbolic culmination of shape art porcelain and crystal, has value about art and architecture

How to get to Khai Dinh tomb:

  • By private car or by motorbike: the site is six miles from Hue, and is served by package tours by private car drivers from the town center.
  • Join tour in Hue: take part in tour exploring Hue 1 day by car, you will visit this beauty tomb

Entrance to the Imperial Tomb Khai Dinh, like the rest of most tourist imperial tombs of Hue, has a price of 100.000 vnd. We recommend you buy group ticket to visit 3 places: Hue Imperial Citadel, Tomb of Khai Dinh, tomb of Minh Mang, it’s only 280.000 vnd