9 vegan restaurants in Hue you must try update 2017

Hue city is known as the Buddhist region in Vietnam. That’s why vegetarian food is familiar to local people. You maybe surprised by seeing many food retail to big vegan restaurants in Hue serving vegetarian food on the first date and the 15th date of lunar month. From the natural goods that can be easily found in Dong Ba markets or some local market, Hue people make many dishes. Here is list of the vegan restaurants in Hue you must try when travel in this poem city.

  1. San May Vegetarian – 8 Thanh Tinh Street

San May restaurant HueThe restaurant is in a hand carved ancient house preserved with love and care, set in a carefully cultivated garden. There is a small private pergola in the front and many Koi fish swim in the courtyard pond.

The staff were friendly and efficient, the menu was extensive and had many Huê specialties that are sometimes rare to find, all completely vegan. All of the dishes tried were complex in flavor, had taken time and care to make and perfect.

  1. Lien Hoa vegan restaurants – 3 Le Quy Don Street

Lien Hoa restaurant Hue
Lien Hoa restaurant Hue

Vegetarian a-la-carte with Vietnamese/English menus. The spring rolls were divine, as was the mushroom dish. Great setting and super inexpensive.

  1. Ngu Ha Garden vegan restaurants – 181 Xuan 68 street

Not just a quick cafe bit a nicer evening place. Ngu Ha is the unique vegan restaurants in Hue has a big water feature. Decor inspired by Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese. Great food and very reasonable prices. Spacious vegan restaurant set in a Hue’s traditional house with also a tea-house. Milk on the menu is rice milk. Peaceful atmosphere

vegetable food
Hue vegetable food is delicious
  1. Tinh Tam Restaurant – Minh mang street

This restaurant run by a Buddhist orphanage in Duc Son Pagoda. Waiters and waitresses are all orphans. Large vegan restaurant, no number in the address. Directions: from Hue, go down Minh Mang street until Minh Mang splits (near the entrance of the alley leading to Hong An Pagoda) – continue straight, it is not far on the right hand-side. Open Mon-Sun 7:00 am-7:30 pm.

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  1. Bo De Vegan Restaurant in Hue – 11 Le Loi

This small restaurant has a beautiful outdoor seating at the riverside! The menu has a lot of options, but we didn’t quite understand all of them. The food was okay. Jack-fruit seems to be shredded raw jack-fruit in Vietnamese dishes.Lien hoa vegan food

  1. Huong Thoi Gian – 60 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hue

There were Vietnamese and English menus and I ordered spring rolls, noodle soup and an orange juice. The orange juice seemed freshly squeezed but wasn’t chilled or iced as it is in most places in Vietnam.

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  1. Thien Tam – 110 Le Ngo Cat street

Modern, spacious vegetarian restaurant on ground floor of Park View Hotel. Serves Vietnamese such as Pho, braised tofu, spring rolls, and jack-fruit. Has English menu and some English is spoken. Gets busy in the evening. It looks quite expensive but the price is absolutely ok.

edible mushrooms dishes in Thien Tam
Edible mushrooms dishes in Thien Tam
  1. Thien Phu – 58 Phan Boi Chau street

They have an English menu, which made ordering much easier. I had the cassava cake and ‘chicken’ with lemongrass, both were good. Lady didn’t speak much English and when I wanted to ask something she kept saying there was no meat in it, I found is very reassuring.

  1. Thanh Lieu Restaurant – 50 Nguyen Cong Tru street, Hue

    Try rice dishes  in Thanh Lieu vegan restaurants in Hue
    Try rice dishes  in Thanh Lieu vegan restaurants in Hue

Vietnamese menu under the glass of each table. Little English spoken but added an English menu. Order Cơm (rice) and you will get a nice plate of rice with a variety of veg and some tasty tofu. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am – 8:00pm.

Hue city seems to be an poetic city which entirely satisfies your stomach with its cuisine background. Once travelling to Hue, don’t forget to miss any mentioned vegan food above. You will surely have a great time exploring local foods and vegan food in Hue city. We hope this articles “Vegan restaurants in Hue 2017” give you some recommend when you want to try vegan food.