Da Nang Airport is located just a few kilometers from city center, it’s used as botth military and civil airport. Da Nang airport is the one of largest in Vietnam.

If you have plan to visit famous My Khe Beach or Hoi An or Hue complex, you will probably land in Danang Airport. The airport was built in 1940, Danang airport has two modern runways with a length of 3km capable of handling large aircraft.

Danang airportDa Nang had been well-known as the crowded sea port in the past decades, nowadays it is famous as the international airport. Da Nang Airport has received domestic flights from all over province of Vietnam as well as international flights from Hong Kong, Japan, Bangkok, Vientiane, Phnom Penh and Taipei. The recent upgrade of the terminal building has increased the capacity of the DaNang airport to 4 million passengers per year in line with the tremendous economic growth through business and tourism that is seen in the area.

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Danang airport is a convenient airport and not too busy in international arrivals. The arrival port was courteous and quick although the signage was a bit confusing – it would seem that you maybe queue at any desk. There are no arrival cards to fill in which confused plenty of people, who spent time looking for them.

Da Nang international airport flight map
Da Nang international airport flight map

On Arrival

If you need to pick up your Visa on Arrival head to the desk, fill in the form and received from the online visa application you made prior to your flight. Then go to the security area through immigration to the customs inspection area.

Outside, you can find a foreign currency exchange and it is a good idea to get some VND – the currency here before finding a car transfer Da nang airport to Hoi An hotel or from Danang airport to center.

You should book a car transfer before arrival time, so you don’t waste time to wait taxi, they can not communicate by English as well.

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The security process was slow especially when they dealt with foreigner. However the rest was amazing and there was a helpful tourist information which is quite visible within the security area.

As expected most members of staff can only manage very simple English but they were quite helpful.

Da Nang Airport
a huge improvement from the dated one next door the business class lounge with reasonable amenities from buffet style food and cold beer and juices available from the self-serve fridge magazine in English and the wifi is free and of course, have many advertisements.

Money can be changed easily at a good rate and there are ATMs.

Da Nang Airport transfer

Danang International Airport is 3 – 8 km from almost resort and hotel in Danang and around 35 km from Hoi An to Da Nang airport. So the best way is renting a private car transfer from you hotel to Danang airport with instant booking via Whatsapp +84 934 899 900. It’s from 12 USD/ sedan, 15 USD/ MPV.

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Eating & Drinking

While you wait for the flight you can have fast food – Banh My or drink a cup of coffee at the restaurants in the domestic areas.