Bus Hue to Hoi An

Hue city – a center of historic, culture in Vietnam – Traveller from Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh when going to Hue, you have many options to chose a comfort transport, convenient and good price such as motorbike, car, train or plane

Located on a narrow strip in Central of Vietnam, Hue is one of the biggest destinations, with a long term culture, charming natural landscape. It is about 700 km from Hanoi and 1000 km from Ho Chi Minh City. If you want to visit the Imperial city and friendly people or just taste Hue cuisine, you can choose one of the following transportation:

By motorbike

If you start from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city by motorbike, you can stop to visit en route at each province, We make sure that it is a nice experience. Motorbike is the cheapest way, but you must have good health, and must brave people when driving along the highway. It takes about 7 days from Hanoi and 10 days from Ho Chi Minh city, including rest time and stops to visit en-route.

By car

Hoi An to Phong Nha

If you go to Hue by car directly, it takes 15 hours from Hanoi and more than 20 hours from Ho Chi Minh city(including break time). Make sure that you book with a travel company or transport company, and you will have travel insurance in case you have any trouble/ crashed on the way. An experienced driver is the most important and he must speak English, so you do not feel bored or if you have any requests such as meals, a toilet, drink coffee, or help you explain anything.

By train

Located in the city center, Hue train station is more convenient for drop off Hue, all of the trains will stop there, you also drop in Hue and visit the highlight of Hue before going to Hoi An or Quang Binh province. The train is a popular vehicle in Vietnam, you also see the landscape during the trip, but please leave your eye with your bags, luggage… For a long ride, you should book a private cabin, it is 4 beth, you feel more comfortable and remember closed the door to make sure that when you wake up, nobody sleeps near you or no luggage lies beside you.

It is about 13 hours from Hanoi to Hue by train and 20 hours from Ho Chi Minh city

By open bus/ sleeping bus

A sleeping busYou can not walk along with the cabin as travel by train, go to Hue by sleeping bus is a good idea and it’s cheap. It cost around 12-15 USD/ seat on a normal day, and it may be 30-50 USD in the lunar new year, it is the worst is overbooking on these days. Time driving is the same as by train.

These days, many bus company, they offer wifi on cars and toilets on board. It is more comfortable for the long ride

By plane

Hue airport transferThis is the safest and fastest option for travelers who want to save time and are willing to “invest” for the experience. On average, the flight time from Hanoi to Hue is just over 1 hour and from Ho Chi Minh City is more 1.5 hours.

Besides the popular airways such as Vietjet, VN airline or Jetstar,  recently, a new airway brand is Bamboo Airways, they have a new route to Phu Bai airport – Hue, the airline will officially launch the Hanoi – Hue route in Nov 2019 for passengers to explore the most exciting activities in Hue.

To move from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Hue there are many options. For travelers who don’t have a lot of time,  you can choose to save time, aircraft will always be the first choice.