How much is Ba Na Hills entry and What is included in Bana hills entrance ticket?

Bana hills entrance ticket

Over 20 km from Danang city centre, at the height of 1487 met from the sea level, Sun World Ba Na Hills is coined the “heaven on earth” due to its otherworldly natural landscape and spectacular climate.

You are planning to Bana hills from Hoi An or Danang, but it seems Expensive Entrance ticket to Bana hills? And you change your plan? In my mind, Bana hills ticket is cheaper than what you get?

With the price of Ba Na hill ticket for tourists is 750,000 VND (update in April 2019) visitors can admire “the road to the fairy scene”, a miniature Europe in the heart of central Vietnam, not need to go to the Euro to see the old village, come here and enjoy cool climate, French village, it is really nice experience. In addition, you also visit the Wine Cellar of the French, check-in Tulip flower gardens where you see on television, or walking through Golden Bridge in the middle of the cloudy sky.

Things to do and see in Bana hills:

  • Walk to the peak of Chua Mountain and discover Ba Na Hills
  • Take pics with a nice scene of mountain ranges, seas of clouds, Mơ waterfalls from the cable car
  • Explore its French Village, marvel at the architectural work of the French
  • Explore other magical attractions: Le Jardin Garden, Linh Ung Pagoda, and tea corner,…
  • Try advantage games for all ages in Fantasy Park, Alpine Coaster, Jura park

What are the ticket fares of Ba Na Hills – Sun World?

Tickets in Bana hills  Adult Children
(1 – 1,4 met tall)
(<,1 met tall)
Bana hills ticket 750.000 600.000 Free
Danang people 450.000 350.000 Free
Arapang buffet ticket 225.000 115.000 Free
Korean/ East Asian Buffet 245.000 125.000 Free
Beer Plaza Buffet 250.000 125.000 Free
Wax Museum Ticket 100.000 Free Free


  • Children who stand over 1.4 m are subject to a grown-up ticket.
  • Children below 1m in height are exempt from ticket fare.

Ticket for Danang people

You also see a Vietnamese buy ticket only 450.000 vnd, remember that they are Danang people and Bana hills – they have a special deal for them; the rest of VNese people can buy with that price.
When you travel with Danang people, what are personal documents required for Danang local visitors to be let through?

  • For adult: ID card, passport or household certificate enclosed with a photo tagged document such as a driver’s license.
  • For children: Children with birth certificate must be enclosed with ID cards of their escort parents, or with photo tagged student card, household certificate or passport.

What is included in 750.000 vnd for Bana hill ticket?

  • Fares include entry ticket to the complex: Golden bridge, Fantasy park, Linh Ung pagoda, Nui Chua temple, Flower Garden, wine cellar, Noel Square, tea corner, church…
  • Fares include most games in Fantasy Park: 105 games and the Legendary Knight (tube slide); Hiking train to Debay Wine Cellar and entry to Le Jardin D’Amour gardens.
  • Exclude entry to the Wax Museum: VND100,000/adult, Teddy bear grips and Fantasy Park indoor sports.
  • Fares include tax 10% of VAT

How can I buy Bana hills ticket?

  • You can buy tickets at ticket courter in Bana
  • If you book with Huracars, our driver help you buy it, you won’t waste time waiting in the queue. We are Vietnamese, so we can communicate with the staff easily.
  • Online booking via the website: Banahills.sunworld .vn

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