huracars 2020

All the advantages of being an early bird traveler…

Should you book your holiday early or at the last minute?  you may find yourself scratching your head about when to book this year’s trip, let alone your 2020 holidays, but if you’re looking for terrific deals, plenty of choices and great perks, you’ll want to plan well ahead.

Vietnam is a developing country, and deep culture, we have many activities in the lunar new year. This eve is time to back home town, all industry zone is closed, the bank, police, government office stop working more than 10 days, everyone back their hometown… and imagine what happens? HCM City, Hanoi the biggest city in Vietnam is empty, no traffic jams, nobody.

the lunar new year is on the same with your holiday Xmas and new year, so imaging: where will you eat? Where to play? who will serve? How to book a taxi or grab, rent a motorbike? All back home. Some people can not enough money, they still stay in the big city.

At this time, you don’t have many options, you can not choose a restaurant because they closed too. Find a Mcdonald, Lotte Mart, KFC, fast food? Oh no, it is not a holiday, you traveling Vietnam, you must try Vietnamese cuisine: Banh My, Pho, Special food… All bus tickets, train, flight, the tour is over the book… you will rent a motorbike. They close too. Terrible Vietnam. Sorry, don’t say that. You should book in advance for 2-3 months.

While last-minute holidays have their advantages, such as the excitement of spontaneity if you’re not fussed about where to go or stay, plus the chance to grab a late deal and save money on your travels, there are many reasons to book your 2020 holiday now. but it is not meaning in Vietnam on the lunar new year. You also pay double in these time with poor services, so that please don’t complaint anything, we are trying our best to serve but all good things is booked in advance

We spoke to top travel industry experts to hear their predictions for the year ahead and why travelers, in particular, can save money and avoid that last-minute stress by being an early bird booking

In fact, the largest travel association, recently found that one in four British people book their escapes in advance just to give themselves something to look forward to, with plenty of time to daydream about the new places they’ll discover, delicious Vietnam cuisine they’ll sample and that all-important time to relax.

Book early to grab good things

Holiday bookings made during the winter sales season allow you to grab an excellent early travel deal, offering the potential to save hundreds of pounds.

Travelers thinking about taking a trip during peak times, such as the school holidays or New Year’s, will definitely want to book as early as possible to take advantage of the most affordable flights and hotels.

Don’t miss out on once in a lifetime experiences

If you’ve always dreamed of seeing Lap An lagoon in the sunset or driving through Hai Van pass with breathing landscape in a nice car, the handsome driver explains for you all things in Vietnam and lifestyle.

Or you must stay at the hotel, no car, no motorbike, no bus and stay the whole day and can not move… or travel with a driver can not speak English, he uses a phone and googles translate while driving? and pay a double fee for this danger.

 If you’ve been dreaming of finally taking that trip to Hanoi, Hoi An or any city, there’s no better time to book it from now

Travel trip for visiting Vietnam on Tet Holidays:

  • Choose a high-quality bus company or Private car transfer services
  • Deal with the local taxi at the airport, they often request more when finishing the trip
  • Book train ticket, bus ticket or flight  2-3 month before the Tet holiday
  • Avoid traveling a week before and after the Tet holiday
  • Don’t complaint if you book at last minutes, it is not polite while the agent try to help you
  • Choose the different directions from the normal when you visit Vietnam on the Tet holiday.
  • Before Tet, travel from North to South (Hanoi to Saigon), After Tet, travel from South to North (Saigon to Hanoi). Transport is available and cheaper
  • Motorbike is a good way but also causes dangerous for you when you travel on Tet, the teenager go too fast and furious, It is red caution for the accident in this period
  • Book a tour in advance and confirm again before a week

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