6 advice for visitors who visiting Vietnam during the nCovid outbreak

6 advice for visitors who visiting Vietnam during the nCoV outbreak

Until now, we still don’t know much about Wuhan and the corona virus outbreak, and the government or NGOs, the World Health Organization… are urging vigilance. That means visitors crisscrossing the globe should be aware of this new virus, steer clear of heavily impacted areas such as China/ Hongkong/ Taiwan/ some of the country in East of Asia, do exercise some of the same kinds of preventive measures they would use to avoid influenza and other illnesses.  

Here are 6 advice for visitors who have the plan to visit Asia countries and Vietnam during the outbreak:

Are tourist attractions closed?

With the quick spread of the virus, some popular tourist attractions have temporarily closed (especially in China and Southeast Asian countries) to avoid the crowd. In Vietnam, some of In Beijing, the National Museum of China, the Danang Cathedral or hotel… they not closed but they do not serve the Chinese.  

Even that, some places enforce state requirement that everybody has to wear masks inside. So, don’t forget to bring a mask when travel and stay away from areas where the disease is suspected.

If you have a flight from HongKong/ China/ Taiwan to Vietnam, you should contact them to change. If not, you can keep checking for a long time. From 1 Feb, all flight from China mainland/ Hong Kong to Vietnam is stopped

Should I wear a face mask all the time while traveling?

It is not compulsory to wear in Vietnam, but you should wear a mask (1-time using mask) that can help limit the spread of some respiratory disease in the airport/ train station or public area. 

However, wearing a mask is not mean that it is guaranteed to stop infections. 

We should be combined with other prevention measures including clean your hands,  avoiding close contact with other – at least 1 meter (3 feet)

Wear the mask
Wear the mask for you and your partner

Should I go to the clinic/ medical health if I have flu?

People with nCovid infection or the flu typically develop respiratory symptoms such as fever, runny nose, and cough.

clinic in Hue
Seek medical health

World Health Organization recommends people having cough, difficulty breathing and fever should go to the clinic early. If you seek medical health, you should share travel history with the healthcare provider.

Which food should I avoid?

Eat only well-cooked food. Avoid consumption of raw or undercooked animal products such as the rat, bat, birds, and wild duck

Avoid touching Eyes, Nose And Mouth

Your Hands touch on the surfaces, which can be contaminated with the virus. If you touch your nose, mouth or eyes, nose with your contaminated hands, you can transfer the virus to yourself. 

When you meet other/ tour guide/ taxi driver… limit share your hand or hug anyone. Keep your hand always clean is the most important

Keep your hands alway clean

Stay healthy while traveling

Until now, there is not a specific medicine to treat or prevent the new corona virus. 

We need to protect yourself from getting infected with the novel corona virus, you should maintain basic hand, safe food practices, respiratory hygiene and avoiding close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.

Limit using public transportation 

Travel by train or local bus is a good way to save more money. 

But at this time, save money is not good, many people on small vehicles, and you don’t know anyone about their health condition. Furthermore, the public transfer is rarely clean every day, you should choose a flight or private car transfer instead 

clean the car during corona virus
Hura Cars keeping the car clean. It can remove allergens from ventilation system and keep a good space for each travel group