Hot air balloon in Hue city

Different from other transport as a plane, cruise; the hot air balloon depends on the weather, almost of hot air balloons can not ride when it is dark and wind
Getting the right conditions and weather for hot air balloon flights
The weather is different for each Yearly and monthly. So hot air balloon can take a bit of patience and not come to Hue just for this tour, let it is an option for your journey here.
For hot air balloon riding, we need no rain light winds and good visibility. we have low-pressure weather in the winter and more high pressure in the summer.
The high-pressure weather generally gives us the blue sky so we have a good view, light winds, and a little shower.
The low-pressure weather often has rain and strong winds or storms. So the hot air balloon rides season is run from Feb to September, but first let’s look at the “light winds, good visibility, and no rain”.

Why don’t hot air balloons fly during the day?
When it is fine and the surface winds are calm, the hot air balloon pilots can control the altitude of the balloon very finely by heating the hot air inside.
During the day these light surface winds are broken up by the “thermals” column. These are rising columns of warm air that spiral skywards, caused by the heating effect of the sun on the ground.
the birds love them, they do not need to use wings for flying but for a hot air balloon, these collum thermals make it very hard to control by the balloon pilot. So if it is hotter, it is the greater the problem.

Fly over Perfume River Hue

Our balloon flight was canceled but we saw hot air balloons flying?

Firstly, every balloon flight pilot has to make their own judgment of the conditions in which they are confident to fly passengers. and the main tools are the weather forecast channel at that time
Secondly, most passengers are expecting to fly for about an hour and sometimes it might be possible to fly but only if you are prepared to accept a short flight 10-15 mins
In general, our pilots will try to avoid putting our passengers in this situation. We have to put our “decision” on our phone lines well before the flight and therefore have to use forecasts. and the most important is to keep you safe

Prepare for riding hot air balloon in Thuong Tu yard

What is the best month for balloon flights?
There is no longer a simple answer to this question.
From our experience, ten years ago it would have been fair to say that from July to September had some of the best weather for a hot air balloon ride. but in the past 5 years, weather conditions have been generally poorer in the summer months and much better in Mar-Apr and often good in September.
We do hope that next year we could turn that all around. We encourage the customer to start booking flights as soon as when you have a plan for a Vietnam vacation.
Whenever you choose to fly you can be sure that we have light winds, no rain, and good visibility to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable flight.

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