Cam Thanh Water-coconut forest HoiAn

Hoi An not only offers tourists the charming beauty of the ancient town but also helps them emerge into the daily life of local farmers in rural villages around. Recently, Cam Thanh village has been a favorite spot for visitors because of its vast and beautiful water coconut palm forest. Earlier, it was used to be a base for the army and people of Hoi An in the two wars against the French and the American.

As a mangrove forest near the estuary of Cua Dai River, it has many types of seafood such as fishes, crabs, and shrimps. If taking a trip to the forest in the eighth month of the lunar calendar, you can pick ripe coconuts and enjoy them with their partners. After that, you can visit a small village situated in the forest. The villagers use coconut trees as materials for building houses and making tools. Besides, they can earn more money by selling products made from coconuts.Boat ride in Water-coconut Cam Thanh Village

How to get to Cam Thanh Water-coconut village?

It is located about 5 km from the southeast of the ancient town in the Hamlet 2 and 3 of Cam Thanh Commune.

  • By boat: You can take a boat along Thu Bon River to reach the village from Bach Dang Wharf or from wharves on Hoai River.
  • By taxi or private car transfer: It is convenient and cheap to take a taxi if you travel in a group. However, you should consider taking xe om to save money if you travel alone.
  • By bike or motorbike: You are recommended to rent a bike/motorbike to ride to the village. It is not difficult to find the way from the town center, but if you can’t, don’t mind asking local people for directions because people are very friendly and willing to give you specific instructions.Bike tour around Hoi An

What to do in Cam Thanh Village?

If you go with a group of friends, you can take a boat on the canal to enjoy the fresh nature and fun activities at a price of 50,000 dongs per person. However, the boat cannot go deeper into the water coconut jungle. Taking a bamboo basket boat is more convenient. The rental price of a boat is 150,000 dong and each can carry two adults and two children into small canals. With them, you can go into small canals, explore and get a spectacular insight into the palm forest.Sunset in coconut water forest hoian

Note: When you are there, many local people will offer you a ride by their bamboo basket boats. Remember that the price is 150,000 dong per boat so you have to bargain if they ask more.

During your trip around the forest, you can explore nature and take part in interesting activities such as catching fishes and trying rowing the unique boat.

After going back to the village, you may learn about the daily life of farmers and fishermen, join traditional singing performances with the villagers, learn how to make products from coconut leaves and enjoy tasting the local food.

Tips for your trip

You should visit the water coconut forest after 4 p.m. because it is not too hot at that time and you can see the sunset in the river that is very stunning and peaceful. Moreover, people who ride tourists on bamboo basket boats will not try to finish the tour soon because this is the last one in the day. If you are here in the morning, your tour will last only about 30 minutes and you cannot discover any corners of the forest.

If arriving at the village in the morning, you can order lunch at the houses of the villagers. All you need to do is to inform them about the number of people and the price of each portion. If not, you can have lunch at Rung Dua Restaurant near the wharf.
However, the price here is more expensive.Bay Mau coconut water

Visiting Cam Thanh will be an unforgettable experience for people who love traveling. Put it on your to-do list in Hoi An or you will regret not making the trip to the village.

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