Welcome to Vietnam

A land of staggering natural beauty and cultural complexities, of dynamic megacities and hill-tribe villages, Vietnam is both exotic and compelling.

History & Culture

Vietnamese culture is complex, diverse and represents something of a history lesson. The nation’s labyrinthine, teeming trading quarters are rich in indigenous crafts and reflect centuries-old mercantile influences. Ancient temples display distinctly Chinese influences in the north and Hindu origins in the south. Meanwhile the broad, tree-lined boulevards and grand state buildings that grace the capital date from the French colonial period. And it’s impossible to forget Vietnam’s pivotal position close to the epicentre of East Asian power and prosperity, for its cities’ skylines are defined by clusters of glass-and-steel corporate HQs and sleek luxury hotels.


Citadel and Royal tombs – Delicious, unique local cuisine – Beautiful countryside – Old tree lined streets – Excellent photography opportunities


Hoi An is the one of Vietnam’s most popular destinations. There’s amazing food, rural life and beaches too. Check our tips for avoiding the crowds


May be a mass tourism cliche, but it’s earned its place. Do a relaxing cruise through the bay and Enjoy scenic viewpoints. Wait for the sunset


Da Nang is known as the city of the bridges. this popularity is partly due to the beautiful landscape and the pearl white sandy beaches around the city


Ho Chi Minh City is known as Saigon – Crazy, chaotic, hyperactive, intoxicating, delicious. You’ll most likely love the place in spite of itself.


Beautiful caves in spectacular limestone mountains dotted with quaint village along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. That’s a great place to spend a few days.

A Culinary Superpower

In Asean, Thailand maybe contest the top destination, but it is nothing really comes close: Vietnamese cuisine is great. Incredibly subtle in its flavours and outstanding in its diversity, Vietnam cuisine is a fascinating draw for visitors – myriad street food tours and cooking class are testament to this.
Geography plays a crucial role, with local flavors influencing the soups of the North, spices sparking up Southern cuisine, and herbs and complex techniques typifying the Central Coastline.
Travel along Vietnam country, you can mingle with the villagers, taste local dishes and try to drink the wine make by rice. That is nice experience than tasting a cold beer or cocktail in luxury bar.

Vietnam in detail

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