How much does a Vietnam Visa cost?

Getting Vietnam Visa

Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) is a popular way for travelers to come to Vietnam by air. You can apply for a Vietnam visa online through Embassy websites or through travel agents. then, you will be sent a Vietnam visa approval letter via email or box office. 

Upon arrival at the Vietnam International airport such as Can Tho, Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh, your visa to Vietnam can be picked up by required documents, submitting the approval letter and visa fee at the Immigration Counter. 

How much does a Vietnam Visa cost? Getting a Vietnam visa, you must pay two types of fees: the approval letter fee/ Service fee (paid online or at embassy office in your country) and Stamping Fee ( paid in cash at Vietnam airports )

  • A service fee/ the approval letter fee

Service fee or the approval letter fee is the cost that you will pay online for submitting the visa application. This payment needed to grant the Vietnam visa letter from Vietnam Immigration Department.
As you submit the service fee, you have a Vietnam visa and it is sent to the Immigration network of the Vietnam airport – where you are scheduled to arrive. 

SERVICE FEE 1 month 3 months
Single Entry 10 USD 19 USD
Multiple Entries 12 USD 38 USD

The standard Vietnam visa cost for the online service fee

  • Stamping fee

The stamping fee is the charge that you will pay directly to the Immigration outlet at the Vietnam international airport on arrival. 

The fee involves the charge for the Vietnam visa on Arrival print-out and the approval stamp on the passport from the Immigration counter. The standard stamping fee for single entry is 25 USD  and multiples entries fee is 50 USD (both for 1 month & 3 months). 

STAMPING FEE 1 month 3 months
Single Entry 25 USD 25 USD
Multiple Entries 50 USD 50 USD

The total Vietnam visa cost for Visa on Arrival Vietnam (service fee + stamping fee) would be somewhat like:

  • Stay 1 month single entry: 10 + 25 USD= 35 USD
  • Stay 1 month multiple entries: 12 + 50 USD = 62 USD
  • Stay 3 months single entry: 19 + 25 USD= 44 USD
  • Stay 3 months multiple entries: 38 + 50 USD= 88 USD

Getting Vietnam VisaVisa tip: 

  • The fee table does not apply to citizens of the following nations: Algeria, Bahrain, Mongolia, Bhutan, Jordan, Kuwait, Gambia,  Yemen, Namibia, Morocco, Nepal, Kenya, Oman, Timor-Leste, Tunisia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malawi, All African Nationality Group
  • The service fee has to be paid in advance to process visa Approval Letters for normal service of 2 working days (Monday – Friday). If you need urgent (4 hours – 1 day), you can pay for an extra fee, it depends on each agent or Assembly office in your country. So that you should check the fee before getting the visa
  • During the public holidays like lunar new year, independence day,… all visa applications will be delayed!  You should avoid holidays while applying for a Vietnam visa. if not your trip will be delayed while all trips, accommodation is booked. 
  • Applicants pay Stamp Fees directly at the airport in cash using either Vietnam dong or U.S. dollars. 
  • Most nationalities are required to obtain a tourist visa for Vietnam before your travel time. Except for the holders of French, British, Spanish, German, Italian passports are exempt from visas for a stay of a maximum of 15 days for all purposes (Tourist, Business, Study). 

Instead of applying for Visa-on-Arrival (VOA), we would suggest you get your Vietnam visa at least one month ahead of your travel, which can be done either by the application at your nearest embassy or online. 

For more information, please refer to “How to apply for a Vietnam Visa

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