Red Shanked Doucs in Son Tra peninsula

Linh Ung Pagoda, it’s 15 km away from Danang city center lies Son Tra Peninsula. Son Tra has been recognized is the nature reserve for 20 years ago, Son Tra is largely covered with green rain forest, and is home to over 100 species of fauna, especial The Red-shanked douc, a monkey that lives in the trees of the jungle.

The Peninsula holds some nice beaches: Bai Rang, Bai Nam, Bai Bac and Bai But where you can sit down to eat and drink. It really fantastic place to visit.

Local people in Son Tra Peninsula recalled that in the 18 century, there was a small Buddha statue from nowhere to drift on the beach here, they thought it was an auspicious sign, the local people built a small temple for worship, thank that, they are stable and fishermen can sail in peace for a long time. The beach where the statue drifted was called with named Bai But (Bai is a small sand beach, But means Budha), and the small temple now is Ling Ung pagoda erected today.


What thing to do in Son Tra Peninsula

  • Finding Red Shanked Doucs

Red-Shanked Doucs is the most interesting sight of Son Tra. Besides other rare flora and fauna inhabiting Son Tra, the Red Shanked Doucs are the most remarkable. But if you see it, I sure that you are lucky. J It’s so hard to see it.

  • Son Tra Beaches

All beaches in Son Tra are so nice an quiet, drive along the road to the continental resort, you see on board with the different name is Bãi Rạng, Bãi Bắc, Bãi Nam and enjoy the seafood with a cold beer. Don’t forget to bring your camera and save this moment at Son Tra Peninsula

  • Visiting Linh Ung Pagoda and take picture of Danang city

Linh-Ung-pagodaThe pagoda is built on 12 ha land in the Son Tra Peninsula with stunning views and romantic sunsets. One of the main attractions to see is the Lady Buddha statue, 67m high, watching over the local fishermen at sea.

The local people believed that the statue of Lady Buddha not only protect the fisherman but also offering them strength for facing storms and strong waves.

Linh Ung pagoda was built in a newly formed tourist complex of Da Nang city – Son Tra Peninsula, in the most prime location of the region, Linh Ung pagoda has known as a spot of worship, studying, living of monks, Buddhists as well as a sightseeing of traveler. This pagoda is an attractive spiritual tourist site of Da Nang city where meeting earth’s sacred air and people’s heart and the heaven.

entrance gate linh ung pagoda

How to get to Monkey Mountain:

You cannot access this site by train or bus. The only way goes to Son Tra Peninsula, there are by car or motorbike.

By car: you book Danang or Hoi an private car to visit this site, that will be easy, and most of the drivers will know there and take you to the pagoda fast.

It’s about 350.000 VND from the Da Nang to Linh Ung Pagoda.

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By motorbike: if you to go to that place by yourself, so just go to My Khe beach. See your left side and you recognize and white statue, that is Lady Buddha statue, go to the beach and keep going about 2 km further, finally, you can see the entrance to the pagoda.