Blend into the crowd in Hoi An festival dates 2017

Hoi An lantern festival 2017

Missed the moment lighting on lantern, it mean that you have not been this beautiful ancient town

Many people who’ve been to Hoi An, especial on the 14th of lunar month will not be able to forget the romantic atmosphere of the night Hoi An festival.

So I am wondering what makes attractive with tourists.

2017 Hoi An lantern Festival dates:

  • Apr: 10th
  • May: 9th
  • Jun: 8th
  • Jul: 7th
  • Aug: 5th
  • Sep: 4th
  • Oct: 3rd
  • Nov: 2nd
  • Dec: 1st and 31st
  1. Hoi An night is lighting by the lantern

It is not natural that the night in Hoi An is so attractive. The full moon festival in Hoi An has actually lasted more than 15 years, as soon as night falls, you will be impressed by the moment whole city turned off the lights, giving way to a shimmering, romantic, nostalgic scene and the colorful lantern.hoi an light festival 2017

  1. Many activities

Not only the lantern, Hoi An festival also attract the visitors by many local activities such as: drop flower lights into the river, singing replies (the man sing and then the women reply by other song), , calligraphy writing …

The going price for a lantern is 5,000 VND although some sellers have a starting price of 10,000 VND. It’s up to you how much you want to negotiate!hoi an full-moon festival

  1. Food and drink spots flooded the street

If you like a party and love to be in the thick of things – Hoi An Lantern Festival is for you. If you prefer a more peaceful experience, you’ll find that Hoi An on a regular night has plenty of charms – its daily night market packed with trinkets and crafts, its lanterns out, its bars and restaurants spilling over into the streets with locals out for a nightcap. Fun activities, entertainment happening on the street as huts, beating, drawing masks … bring a lot of emotions for visitors.

Walking, eating as well, you will want to find a peaceful place, beautiful dreams to rest, “slow living”. At this time, most of the small cafes here will make you want to stop by, take selfie photos.

Travel guide:

  • Hoi An is small town with many small shop, so you have should plan your trip and find good place to enjoy your meal with good view. So where is the best place to watch the action? My favorite place is along the banks of the river at the An Hoi Bridge on the An Hoi side. It’s a little less crazy than the Hoi An side and there are some small walls that are perfect for taking a break and sitting on Hoi An festival
  • How getting there? Hoi An can be reached by car in just 30 minutes from Da Nang. You can book a private car transfer Da Nang to Hoi An from 5h00 pm and for sure, you have enough time to discover all the interesting things of the old town.
  • Chose a comfortable clothe and good shoes, maybe, you walk a lots.

Have fun! The Hoi An Full Moon Lantern Festival is a magical experience and we have fab memories of our colorful, lantern filled evening in Hoi An.

If you have any other tips for enjoying the Hoi An festival let us know in the comments below!

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