Lap An Lagoon or An Cu lagoon is located within Lang Co Bay, beside Highway AH1 running through Lang Co town, Phu Loc about 62km from Hue and 38km from Da Nang. Travel from Da Nang to Hue, just over 20 km of scenic Hai Van Pass, Lang Co bay appear as a charming picture. It is completely embraced with one side of high mountains, and one side of immense sky and seas. Lap An lagoon and Lang Co bay attract traveler not only with its inherent beauty, but also with the peace of honest local people.

Lang Co
Lang Co bay

Lap An Lagoon is surrounded by Bach Ma Mountain Range and the blue waters of Lang Co Bay, this is the favorite place for photographers. It is known by its poetic beauty of clouds, mountain reflected in water. The best to explore this lagoon is in the afternoon, when the Sun go sleep.

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Lap An Lagoon is an 1200 ha area with the curving road around the lagoon like a soft band of silk. The clean blue water surface reflects mountains, clouds and sky, and the lagoon has become a popular destination for photographers and explorers.

travel hue to hoi an by car
Lap An Lagoon in Lang Co

Nowadays, the lagoon is used to raise oysters which brings income for the local people. The oyster has high nutritional and use for many purpose. The people consider them as “jewel of heaven” and live mainly by feeding oysters.

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The best time to explore Lap An Lagoon is sunset. The scenery at this time is very fanciful. The smooth water surface appearing yellow, red, dark blue. Traveler have the opportunity to taste delicious dishes made of small fish, oysters, such as: steamed with ginger, sour oysters…

Lap An lagoonTravel tips:

• The most favorite time for exploring Lap An is between Mar and June, especial in the sunset
• You can visit this place when driving from Hue to Hoi An or from Danang to Hue transfer by car.