Paradise Cave is around 24 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh trails, inside a complex of limestone Mountains at an altitude of 191m. Cave is surrounded by pristine forests Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.

A stunning and mysterious beauty, like an artistic massive masterpiece populations that natural gift to man.

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Paradise Cave is a new attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. It is considered one of the most beautiful and the longest caves in the world (31km length). And it has many shapes than Phong Nha Cave. Sometimes, we can see a stalactite upraise as just take shape, still wet by mist, when step on we can hear shards with a grating noise under foot. Have some spots when shined, they will glow like glitter, twinkling as boundless stars at night. Almost the floor of cave is limber, wide and rather flat soil. The temperature in cave is only 20 – 21o C.

Paradise cave in Quang BinhIn 2005, a local people discover a cave located in the middle of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, the cave is 31 km long, with 30-100 meters wide, with the widest point measuring 150 meters, height from floor to ceiling of cave about 60 – 80 meters. Paradise cave is one of the magnificent caves, British Caving Association announce that it is the most beautiful cave in Asia.

Inside cave
Inside cave

The entrance gate is small, it’s just a man can into cave. It look very spectacular when being beneath hundreds of meters higher compacting stones. A slope leading down 15 meters long, it created very picky with numerous stalactites big round beads, 2 sides have vestiges slope collapsed and sprawling stalactite columns. Magnificent glamor cave was revealed when light shines on stalactites boundless fantasy. In spite of narrow door, we go into the inside seen that width of more than 200m active, high soaring ceilings.

With the huge structure, the magical and magnificent beauty of the cave made testers must surprise. And from interesting associations about “Heaven land” in this world, they call is Paradise Cave.

Renting a private car from Hue to Phong Nha and exploring this heaven land with us.