6 companies operating transfer Hue to Hoi An by bus recommended in 2017

hue to hoi an by bus

Are you planning your first visit to Vietnam and will be traveling from Hanoi to Hue, and then on Hue to Hoi An. Don’t you know how to get from Hue to Hoi An by bus? By private car? or by train?

There are many companies or travel agent in town offer open bus ticket from Hue to Hoi An or Hoi An to Hue. The drive from Hue city to south along Highway AH1 is fairly scenic and the road is amazing with beach or lagoon, but you miss the famous spot Hai Van mountain pass. Bus ticket costs approximately 5 USD – 9 USD. The distance driving Hue to Hoi An is around 120km via Hai Van tunnel and it takes 4 hours driving.

We listed 6 companies operating Hue to Hoi An by bus which recommended by travelers 2017.

If you are finding the best way to Hoi An, try Hue private car service, you also stop to visit en-route such as: Lap An lagoon, Lang Co beach, Hai Van Pass and Marble Mountain.


Bus Hue to Hoi An Leave time Arrival time
Morning 8h00 – 8h30 11h00 – 11h30
Afernoon 13h00 – 13h45 17h00 – 17h30

Hue to hoi an by sleeper busTHE TOP 6 BUS TRANSFER BETWEEN HUE AND HOI AN

  1. Sinh café. Add: 37 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hue city. 

Map  Sinh has been a very useful company since our travels from Saigon up the cost to the major cities. The whole business of Sinh tourist is great. Fair and transparent pricing along with wifi on the buses and at the Sinh offices. A free bottle of water is always provided along with a smile.

  1. Queen café. Add: 11 Doi Cung street, Hue.

Queen Cafe Open Bus vehicles include free WiFi on the bus but it’s too low, sometimes you can read news or Facebook message, they have also cold towels and drinks on the bus with separate toilet.

  1. An Phu bus. Add: 11 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hue city
  2. Trekking Bus. Add: 20 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hue city
  3. Cuc Tung bus. Add: Ba Trieu Street
  4. Phuong Trang bus – Futabus. Add: 15 Nguyen Thai Hoc

Phuong Trang is the newest bus company in Hue, they are new bus and good service. They usually use minivan to pick you up at the hotel and then transfer to bus station.

Chose right bus company and make your trip Hue to Hoi An easily

General, Hue to Hoi An by bus is the best choice for the backpack and for whom had limited budget. Kind of bus is used to is 45 seat bus or 25 seats. You should ask what type of bus is sleeping or seating bus, they use seating bus in the morning and sleeping bus in the afternoon.

In the low season from May to September, the price from 5 – 7 USD per person.

In the high season from Oct to April, the price is from 6 – 9 USD per person.

The open bus is the cheapest option, the bus normally go direct to Hoi An, they often stop 10 – 20 mins in Thanh Tam souvenir shop for relaxing and shopping.

Compare what is the best way to go to Hoi An from Hue? By private car, by Motorbike, by bus.

The most different with private car services from Hue to Hoi An, the bus go through Hai Van tunnel and nonstop in Marble Mountain, they will stop in Da Nang to pick up someone or receive goods.

The bus would be convenient but boring. The expressway misses out the best bit of that trip by far – the journey up and over the Hai Van pass.sinh cafe bus hue to hoi an



  • You should buy bus ticket before 1-day departure.
  • Find out more about each Hue to Hoi An bus company. See if WiFi is available or if complimentary drinks are offered.
  • On Vietnam holiday (see note below), you should pre-book via their website or book with a travel company, to make sure that you have tickets.
  • Remember that, when you decide to buy bus ticket Hue to Hoi An, you request they pick you up at city center by van and transfer to the bus stop.
  • Keep your passport, camera, money, phone… on a small backpack and keep an eye on them.
  • Surely, you’re not going to travel without luggage or just small backpack, maybe even sometimes with oversized-luggage or travel by bike. We suggest clarifying such issues before buying a ticket. How much luggage you’re allowed to take with you and if extra-fees may arise or not.

Your Hue to Hoi An trip begins with the search for the right bus. Comparing is worth it! Don’t only compare the price, but also the additional features offered by the bus companies. We hope that our tips will help you make a trip easily and safe.


If your departure date belongs to Holiday season 2017, you should buy tickets before 1 week in advance. The ticket price more expensive:

  1. From 28th April 2017 to 03rd May 2017 (Independence Day Holiday)
  2. From 01st Sep to 04th Sep 2017 (Vietnamese National Day Holiday)
  3. From 22th Dec to 25th Dec 2017 (Christmas Date)
  4. From 29th Dec 2017 to 02nd Jan 2018 (New Year)
  5. From 5th Feb 2017 to 25th Feb 2018 (Lunar new year)