Transfer from Hoi An to Da Nang or Da Nang to Hoi An

Many transport company or how to transfer from Hoi An to Danang airport or Danang to Hoi An, here is the most popular ways you can chose for your trip. Distance Hoi An and Da Nang is 35 km. It takes us 30 – 45 mins to transfer between 2 cities. Transfer from Hoi An to Da Nang or Da Nang to Hoi An transfer is same route and price:

it would be best to negotiate the fare before going, which ranges from VND 350,000 to VND 700,000 ($16 – 30). You must check kilometers and deal with the taxi driver before get on taxi. You must deal with them, and know distance between 2 places you transfer.  You should read more on images as bellow:

If you land in Da Nang airport transfer to Hoi An, keep reading some notes update 2017 for this airport.

  • By bus:

Many transport company and hotels in Hoi An offer the mini bus transfer from Hoi An to Danang airport or Da Nang Airport to Hoi An or for about $5 for each. These minivans are often comfortable enough and carry 15 people. Another choice is taking bus Hanh Café, the Sinh Tourist,… the popular bus service which makes a stop in Hoi An.

The cheapest bus is the yellow bus which can be found (ask local people). This bus runs every hour and costs about 30.000 vnd/ foreigner or 20.000 vnd/ Vietnamese (I don’t know why) for one-way transfer. With the low price, you must accept the fact that the driver are quite old and don’t run fast, can not speak English, no air condition, no close window and maybe they transfer animal (duck, chicken, pig and dogs). You can ask local people as “Xe Đò” or “Xe Buýt”.bus hoi an to da nang

  • By motorbike taxi:

you also known as “Xe ôm”, this is the most popular method to get around by local people. Why is local people? Because they know distance between A and B.

A trip from Hoi An to Da Nang by motorbike usually costs 150,000 vnd to 250,000 vnd/each, depending on your skill dealing with them. Or if you want to explore Da Nang from Hoi An within a day, you can rent a motorbike and ride it yourself.

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  • Private transfer from Hoi An to Da Nang

Huracars provide private car transfer from Hoi An to Da Nang for 14USD/ sedan or 17USD/ minivan, we pick up or drop off from Da Nang airport or any hotel in Danang.

For more information or reservation, book a private car here.

Some places you can visit when transfer from Hoi An to Da Nang