The 5 best restaurants in Phong Nha that you surely don’t want to miss

Vegan restaurants in Phong Nha

If you are traveling to Phong Nha Ke Bang, trying the local food is a must – do activity here. Not only you have chance to experience the professional cuisine, but also avoid food poision from tiny sidewalk or any local food stall. Let have a look at some recommendations below. These restaurants in Phong Nha maybe a little expensive but it worth for the atmosphere, equipment and food safety.

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1.     D-Art Zone

Being on the top of my list D-Art Zone is something more than just a restaurant. Well, built up by an architect and an artist, this place creates a small nature exhibition itself by attracting a lot of tourists to come. You can find here not only very good food (especially Bun Cha Hanoi) with acceptable price, but also nice beverages, entertaining, live performance and even a community of soccer fans (I’m writing this when it’s world cup 2018 in Russia). Staffs are useful and super friendly.

Restaurant in Phong Nha The entrance is a cute handwork from organic materials.

restaurant in phong nhaI feel relax when I step in, especially when there were not many guesses inside at day.

Bun ChaIf you had not had a chance to try “Bun Cha Obama” in Hanoi and how you’re in Phong Nha. I think it’s time to head straight to D-art zone and make an order.

Phong Nha RestaurantBBQ is popular of course, but a new experience you’ll have in Vietnamese BBQ version to mix with a lot of veggies.

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2.     Nguyen Shack restaurant

Nguyen Shack is not only a restaurant but also offer accommodation and tours in Phong Nha. In last my “Best homestays in Phong Nha”, I didn’t list this place because Nguyen Shack does not meet my requirement. Anyway, if you want to pass by for a good Vietnamese food and enjoy the cozy atmosphere without expensive price, Nguyen Shack is really a good choice.

Nguyen Shack restaurantLocated on the Main Street of Phong Nha and near the port that gives ships to Phong Nha cave. This is a nice place in case you do not have much time to visit.

Nguyen Shack restaurantLeaning on the mountain, this lovely restaurant give you fresh air and sun by its rooftop seats.

Nguyen Shack restaurant - Phong NhaNguyễn Shack Art-café restaurant serves BBQ and Hot Pot, they also serve local Vietnamese food cooked with fish sauce, soya sauce, fresh herbs (lemongrass, mint, cilantro, etc), rice and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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3.      Omar’s Namaste Indian Restaurants in Phong Nha

Omar’s Namaste is another choice when you want to try something new after eating Vietnamese food for your whole holiday. Being the second after Nha Trang of Indian restaurant chain in Vietnam, this place provides nice cooking and services with acceptable cost.

Namaste Indian Restaurants in Phong NhaOmar’s Namaste can be easily found out on the main road of town

Namaste Indian Restaurants in Phong NhaOmar’s Namaste also serves Vegetarian meals in order.

Namaste Indian Restaurants in Phong NhaInside is quite cozy. I appreciate the cleanliness and professional service. You can also ask to take away in a hurry.

Namaste Indian Restaurants in Phong NhaThis restaurant can bring a news experience about Indian cuisine. And also prove that you can still have a lot of choices of food in Vietnam even being in a rural area.

4.      Vegan restaurants in Phong Nha

To find a vegetarian restaurant is not hard in Vietnam where you can find healthy and crazy delicious cuisine everywhere. Phong Nha Vegan restaurant is another lovely choice for you, not only vegans but also the one who wants to keep fit.

Phong Nha Vegan RestaurantThis place is not so far from town if you ride on a bike or moto along the river from the main town.

Phong Nha Vegan RestaurantI was impressed by the simple handwork of decoration inside with natural material

Phong Nha Vegan Restaurant
This disk is the complex between rice paper and tropical fruit that mixed with vegan “fish sauce”

Phong Nha Vegan RestaurantThere is always a vegetarian version of any plate in Vietnamese cuisine from the original. This bow does look like rice noodle with bacon. And the “fish sauce” is not made by fish but soy.

The owners are lovely and helpful. If you are confusing the first time to face a new dish, you can totally ask for help and they’re willing to give you the best guide. There are many other kinds of plates here that are made up to “art of cuisine” for sure.

5.     Lantern Vietnamese Restaurant

Lantern Restaurant offers not only delicious food but also very nice beverages. The owners are also nice as same as the food. It’s often in full table. There is one situation when it’s full of guesses, you have to go to the counter yourself to ask about your food after more than 10 minutes of waiting and don’t get angry with the staffs.

Vegan restaurants in Phong Nha

It’s a small restaurant which is decorated by the lovely lantern. As far as I am the concern, the light from the lantern at night is not enough to light all the places. I hope they have improved this issue next time.

Vegan restaurants in Phong Nha

Self-cooking BBQ and hot pot are the nice things offered in a Vietnamese restaurant. So that you have all fresh food right away from the oven.

Vegan restaurants in Phong Nha

Spring roll that mixed with the sauce and vegetable is one of my favorite plates. Especially the taste of the sauce is unique from different restaurants.

Vegan restaurants in Phong Nha

There are a lot of vegetarian choices and orders too. Lantern restaurant is another vegan-friendly cuisine destination in Phong Nha town.

Here I try to give you the best advice from my point of view. There is also a lot of nice restaurants in Phong Nha, you can easily choose the most suitable one that fit your budget. There are some famous places for tourists but I did not put them on my list because I only pick up the best from its latest quality of services and productions.

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I hope I have given you some wise idea to have a good holiday. Do enjoy have safe travel!

Anne Kim