The Best 10 Homestays in Phong Nha Ke Bang that surely blow out your mind

To find out the dream accommodation for your holiday sometimes is not easy. It’s even a hard work. My experiences in finding a suitable place on holiday gave me a few expensive lessons. If you are on the way to Phong Nha Ke Bang, here are some recommended places in 2018. Besides, some tips for transfer from Hue to Phong Nha or transfer Hanoi to  Phong Nha. Some accommodation are just have been open recently, some are not so close to town, but surely they are all unique architects that would impress you at the very first sign.

1. Chay Lap Farmstay

Chay Lap Farmstay is a charming retreat located in a wonderful area surrounded by mountains, forest, ponds and calm river. This is one of the city’s most popular locales.

chay lap homestay phong nhaLovely sleeping corner and the soft bed. Bathroom was extremely clean.  The service is professional, staffs were very helpful and polite. Food was just okay and a bit pricey.

Chay Lap Farmstay

Such a lovely play to rest your head. All the rooms are quite a privacy.

Chay Lap Farmstay

It’s actually less farm than I thought but with all the garden, trees, plants, nature is just really nice and really good getaway from busy cities.

They have complimentary kayaks and mountain bike (the mountain bike trail offers really nice landscape views).

There was a big pool but I think you can have a bigger one just only for a couple of minutes walking to the river.

Website and more information:

Price range: 46$-74$

2. Phong Nha Tuan’s Garden house

Phong Nha-Tuan Garden House offers pet-friendly accommodation. Featuring a sun terrace, the homestay offers views of the mountains

You would totally feel like home with the very good and lovely hosts that don’t mind picking you up at the bus station at 4 am.

Just feel cool at the first look, right?

The entire place is well decorated. The garden is decorated with hammocks and beautiful sculptures.

Super clean and comfortable sleeping corner. This is where you would feel like at home.

Food is amazing at the restaurant on-site. They offer “family meal” for and all were so nice. Lots of tasty Vietnamese food. Breakfast was brilliant.

It was very quiet as it was just out of town but you could easily get into town within 10 minutes of walking which was a nice way to start and finish your day.
They also offer scooter for rental, 120k per day.

Price range: $10 – $20

3. Ho Khanh Homestay

This homestay belongs to the legendary Ho Khanh who discovered Son Doong, the world’s largest cave. He’s also a master carpenter and has four recently refurbished wood-paneled rooms fitted out with air-conditioning and private clean bathroom.

The original rooms of the homestay are of a traditional Vietnamese wooden design with hand carvings.

Excellent newer private bungalows are worth some more extra cash.

A recent addition is a river-view cafe and a compact sandy beach. Would you like to have a swim?

Ho Khanh and his wife speak minimal English, however, they are very generous and friendly people who will do their best to make sure you have a wonderful stay.

Breakfast was delicious every morning, and the family would help you with train tickets, transport to and from the train station. It’s a bit far from Phong Nha town, but they have bicycles and you can rent motorbikes directly from them which makes it easy.


Price range: $38 – $60

4. Greenfield Eco Stay

‎Situated in Bo Trach, this lodge is in the same area as Phong Nha Visitor Center and Square, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, and Phong Nha Botanic Garden. Regional attractions also include Hang Toi and Suoi Nuoc Mooc.

greenfield homestayYour kids would be happy to have a big area to run or climb the trees

Green Eco Homestay Phong Nha

Nice location in the middle of rice fields, free bicycles with a torch to go to the village at night.

green filed homestayThe Eco Stay is being extended with 4 new bungalows. Coffee and breakfast are surely delicious.


You will encounter water buffalo, cows, chicken and may spot little crabs out in the field after dark with a headlamp. The roosters next door have no trouble letting you know when it’s morning!

If you like to be in nature and stay with an eco-friendly Vietnamese family – this is the place for you.

Price range: $20 – $30

5. Carambola Bungalow

Located in an area where is a bit away from the city center, so you can enjoy the quiet and calm atmosphere. All bungalows are just right in front of the river.


Carambola Bungalow phong nha homestayBeing so closely right to the river allow you to keep your body inside whenever you’d love to.

Carambola Bungalow homestay phong nha

The beds are silky smooth, lush, soothing and comfortable like none other so far for this price. Hosts are very useful, lovely and care of you well. Cleaning service was good.

They are extremely helpful with everything, also booking and rearranging our train tickets.

Nice view from the homestay

Every bungalow has its own router inside with a proper internet connection. So no shuffling a chair to the window anymore for a good connection, in here they took care of IT.

Breakfast is well served right away beside the river and mountains 😮


Price range: $21 – $28

6. Highway 20

Located right by the river flowing into Phong Nha cave. I should be recommended this as the dream place I can look for. If you like a bit of luxury don’t choose this place as the rooms are simple, rustic but so charming. Built by the host and his family, he is rightly proud of this home.

Highway 20 Homestay Phong Nha

Vietnamese traditional architect is here

Highway 20 Homestay Phong Nha

All rooms have fan, hot shower, aircon and towels, all are quite clean. Bigger rooms have fridge.

Highway 20 Homestay Phong Nha

Sink being filled with pebbles.

1 room is quite small but if he can he will move to one of the bigger rooms when available. It takes 1-minute walk to the river where you can swim or watch the boats going to Phong Nha cave go by. The sunset view was perfect.

Highway 20 Homestay Phong Nha

Free bicycles and the main town is a 10 min ride away, where they have restaurants, bars, shops and ticket booking offices.

You can eat here with Vinh (he is a good cook) or go along road or into town for other choices. Motorcycle rental with good prices. The best bit about this place is without doubt the people. Vinh is super friendly, will help you with anything, speaks very good English and can recommend best places and book onward travel for you.

Price: at from 15$

7. Pepperhouse homestay in Phong Nha

Pepperhouse is a beautiful homestay in the heart of Phong Nha. There are three rooms in solidly built cottages surrounding a central pool. From the pool, you can look right out onto a beautiful rice paddy and mountain range. The whole place is family owned and it gives a real cozy and inclusive feel.

Pepperhouse homestay Phong Nha

High ceilings and white walls give a lightness and though very sparsely furnished inside, there are some elegant touches such as French doors and bamboo light fixtures. Bathroom was modern and clean.

Pepperhouse homestay Phong Nha

This is a very good place just to enjoy and relax with swimming pool. Staffs were good and food is nice. Beer is cold and the food is fantastic. There are also free bikes.


The host is very helpful, cheerful, flexible and willing to help out however she can. The food was tasty and plentiful. No doubt that someone said Diem is the best chef here.
The area is in the country so It is very serene and quiet.


Price: 45$-60$

8. Sy’s homestay in Phong Nha

Sy’s located between the rice field. It takes 1km to the village and not so far from National Park. Everything was brand new.

It’s just 1 km from the main town. You can cycle into town within 7 minutes.

sy homestay Phong Nha

The hotel was matching to the great natural environment.

sy homestay Phong Nha

The bedroom was cozy clean and comfortable. There was free wifi, and free access to the washing machine so that you can wash the clothes yourself after a long trip.

A family is very useful and lovely. They also offer good food with nice price, and the shower would be quite a big surprising

sy homestay Phong Nha

sy homestay Phong Nha

Beautiful sunset from the river bank

This is a perfect place for relaxing after join some outdoor activities and tours. The atmosphere is quiet with a spectacular surrounding scene


Price: 35$-50$

9. Wild boar Eco Farm

You can image about this place from the name. The farm really in a “wild” place surrounded by mountains, hills and river. It’s quite far so you’d better rent a motorbike to get there.

wild boar Eco Farmstay Phong Nha

Such a good place to play “hide and seek”

wild boar Eco Farmstay Phong Nha

It’s a traditional Vietnamese house staying right inside the valley

This is the landlord’s “pet”. There are a couple more of the boars in a farm.

This truly is a place to “hide away” and enjoy yourself under the sun

The hosts do the best as they can to give you a comfortable and fun stay. The bed is clean and the bathroom is the mix of modern and… nature.

wild boar Eco Farmstay Phong Nha

I think this is quite good in case you want to have a private rain shower


Breakfast is good. You would want to make a barbecue with the family and prepare dinner yourself

Price: 12$-17$

10. Co Co homestay Phong Nha

Located by the Song Son, where there are boats leaving into Phong Nha cave. Co Co is a fabulous place to stay, especially you don’t have so much time here because it’s right in town. The hosts are so hospitable, they try to help you all they could. You can also ask to use the kitchen to prepare dinner yourself.

Simple, minimalist and fabulous are what I want to say about Co Co

CoCo homestay Phong Nha

The decoration is a bit similar to Hoi An

CoCo homestay Phong Nha

Amazing sunset from Co Co

Rooms are clean and cozy, suitable for family or group of people. They also provide services and tours in some famous places like Phong Nha cave, Hang En or Paradise cave.  They can help you in bus and train tickets too.

Food is quite good and well served. The hosts wanted to care about your experiences and feelings. They wanted to make sure that you are comfortable and never hungry.

Price: 20$-30$

These are some best homestay we would like to introduce you to have a dream holiday. If you are considering how to travel to Phong Nha Ke Bang from Hue, we are ready for any information and question. Please contact to to have the best transfer services.

Anne Kim