Thua Thien Hue located in the central region, Hue is blessed with a diversified terrain and stunning landscapes. Historical ups and downs of an imperial capital city also help to form a romantic Hue. You and I well know that Hue is recognized as the world’s cultural heritage. The city’s 700-year development history left many untouched heritages and relic sites. You may feel moved when standing in front of majesty tombs such as Hue citadel, and Tu Duc, Khai Dinh and Minh Mang tombs.

Joining Hue city tour to explore these monument complex.


You really harmonize with the environment here when travelling around the city by bikes or cycles. Kim Long and Vi Da are famous for garden-houses with their lush green surrounding. The garden-houses accommodated noble classes, upper strata and Confucian scholars from all over the country. Going farther you will see sacred hills such as Vong Canh Hills and Thien An with pine trees whispering all year round. The north is Gia Hoi and Bao Vinh streets which used to be busy commercial ports. Moss growing on tile roofs and spot-ted walls of ancient houses makes people recall the past.

Tourists may take dragon boats at Toa Kham wharf to explore the imperial city. Along Perfume river, the boat will bring you to ancient temples, pagodas, town and villages. You will have chances to enjoy Hue songs and poetries on the romantic Perfume river.

It is meaningless if you pass over royal dishes with beautiful names that raise the attractiveness of the dishes such as Nem Cong (peacock sour mixed meat), Cha Phuong (phoenix mixed meat), Bo So Trau, Chien Cua Gach (fried crab full of fat), Cao Lau (doughy flat noodles mixed with croutons, bean sprouts and greens and topped off with pork slices), gan chan vit (boneless-skinless duck feet) and Chao Hai Sam (holothurian soup). Thua Thien Hue ordinary foods are sold in specific streets such as Chao Banh Canh (rice spaghetti) in oil lamp Han Thuyen street: mussel rice, mussel paste and corn sweet soup in Truong Dinh street, rice vermicelli in Ba Trieu street, Chao Banh Canh (rice spaghetti) boiled with snake-head fish in Dong Da street, Truong An sucking snails in Phan Boi Chau street and stir-fried mussels. The afternoon is the time to enjoy foods sold by street vendors with cheap prices such as Banh Beo (round-shaped steamed rice cake), Banh Nam (flat frice flour dumpling) and Banh Bot Loc (steamed clear tapioca cake) to serve people who miss their meals.

Thua Thien Hue has Bach Ma forest, Lang Co beach, Thuan An beaches and Thanh Tan mineral stream to help tourists entertain and refresh themselves. Hue’s attractiveness makes you unable to say good bye with the city”

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