Update not a thing to do in Da Nang 2017

thing to do in da nang

Not a thing to do in Da Nang, you just see traffic, smell smoke from vehicles. That why Danang is often missed by traveler coming to Vietnam. If you are looking for a good destination, I think Da Nang should be on your plan. Da nang has a few activities, attractions…” Someone tell me.

In my mind, Da Nang is the fastest developing, the lively city. It has a lot of thing to do in Da Nang and these are reason why I love this city:

  1. Do some shopping
shopping in da nang
Han Market

I am not impressed by designer shops, café or malls but da Nang is great if you want to see a real local market in Vietnam. Or should drop in Han market or Con market to buy cheap food, sweet candy and what how life happens in these crowed markets.

  1. Visiting Monkey Mountain and Linh Ung pagoda.
Linh Ung pagoda

When you walk on the beach, you will see a white statue in a distance that is the Lady Buddha, Son Tra – Linh Ung pagoda, which looks after the fisherman. From there you have look overview Danang city and the Marble Mountain in distance.

  1. Climbing Marble Mountains and visit the 2nd pagoda, its name Linh Ung
A small temple in Da Nang

This place is my favorite place in Da Nang. I love Huyen Khong cave and the small temple inside. You find your space – peacefully and quite here. It opposite with the local life in the foot of mountain, the scaring village.

  1. Have fun at Asia Park
Asia Park Da Nang

This place is as good as it gets for a theme park. With all the modern rides and amenities its a great place for kids and adults. I suggest this spot in the evenings when its cooler and you can see the lights around. The sun wheel is the major attraction and takes about 15mins for a complete loop. There is a mono rail which on a moon light night can be spectacular. Food options are limited and like most parks you really need to walk up!

  1. Sunbathe at My Khe beach
Sunbath in My Khe

Da Nang is a seaport city and surrounded by beach. It’s very clean, so you should enjoy your time here. Or getting up early, go to a small fishing village near Son Tra, you can learn more about the local life here.

  1. See the fire-breathing dragon
In Saturday and Sunday evenings, fire and water spraying shows are held on the bridge.

Da Nang famous with the city of the bridges. And the special is Dragon Bridge in the city center. It not only is beautiful lit during the night, but also spits fire at 9h00 every Saturday. Amazing!

  1. Party hard
36 Sky Bar

Da Nang is great for nightlife. If you are looking for a bar, club or pub beer, where you can dance until midnight, Da Nang city won’t make you disappointed. Some of them is: Sky Bar, Phuong Dong bar, Night club, Orange club,…

  1. The coffee culture
Souvenir Coffee

You can enjoy a strong cup of this energizing beverage everywhere in Vietnam and Danang also. There are plenty of café shop to choose from, whether you want to relax with a book, or work in a peaceful environment – Da Nang has lots of coffee shops for everyone.

  1. Take a trip from Da Nang to Hoi An
Hoi An town

Distance Da Nang to Hoi An is about 35 km, and takes 45 min drive from Da Nang. It’s a good for make a day trip to Hoi An, became a farmer in Tra Que village or blend to crowed people on street, enjoy a cup of coffee in a small café shop, see light lanterns and back to Da Nang in the midnight. I do hope that you love this ancient town.

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  1. Day trip to Ba Na hill
Bana Hills

It takes a 30 minute chair lift ride to the top of the hills. Amazing scenery on the way up Very comfortable and roomy chairlifts. When you arrive at the top there is a complete medieval French Village…Wow.it is completely breathtaking. People dressed in custom, French streets, bakeries etc. Lots of food everywhere. Great vibe. The views from the top are amazing and they are continually adding more attractions. This site is must thing to do in Da Nang on your list

  1. Visiting Hue from Da Nang
Da nang to Hue by private car
Hue imperial citadel

There are many places to visit around Da Nang. If you know ride a motorbike, make a trip to explore Hai Van pass and go to Hue to visit Hue Imperial city.

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If you are a little scared of the traffic in Vietnam, you rent a private car from Hura Cars and make a trip Da Nang – Hue – Da Nang  on 1 day.

And you? Have you ever been Da Nang? what thing to do in Da Nang and what makes you like and dislike this dynamic city? Share your experience and leave review as bellow.