Quang Tri province

Quang Tri DMZ Vietnam

Quang Tri is a central coastal province of Vietnam with a diversified terrain from mountains to plains, sand dunes, and islands with a 75-km coastline and two important estuaries – Cua Viet and Cua Tung, and Con Co island.

Vinh Moc tunnels

Quang Tri is bestowed with great potential for tourism development. It has beautiful beaches namely Cua Tung, Cua Viet and My Thuy. Con Co island is also expected to be turned into a tourist site in a near future. Besides, the province is the home to Ru Linh primitive forest Dakrong protected area, hot springs and a grotto system, along with ecological tourism sites such as Khe Gio, Tram Tra Loc and Khe Sanh and Rao Quan irrigation-hydroelectric eco-tourism area.

Quang Tri has a grandiose, unique and famous war relic system having high tourism values such as ancient citadel, Hien Luong bridge, Vinh Moc tunnel, McNamara electronic fence, Khe Sanh combat base, Vay village, Ta Con airport, Lao Bao prison and Ho Chi Minh legendary Trail.

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Dakrong bridge, Quang Tri province

It has many festivals such as buffalo sacrifice festival of Pa Co ethnic group, Cuop Cu festival in Gio Linh, boat racing festival in districts and towns and La Vang palanquin festival. Revolutionary festival has appeared recently, including the national re-unification festival, flower dropping festival in Thach Han river, and the Trans-Asia Bridge Festival which is held every four year.

Tourists to here may go shopping at major commercial centers such as Lao Bao Commercial Center – Lao Bao Special Commercial and Economic Zone, Dong Ha Commercial Center. They also have chances to enjoy special dishes here such as shrimp and fish in Cua Tung, Cua Viet and My Thuy, and stone crab in Con Co; rice paper in Sai market, piglets, Sika and Kim Long wine. Quang Tri is also a land of folk songs and stories.