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Amongst the most famous foods in Da Nang is the rice paper roll, I make sure that it leaving the great impression to foodie. This famous dishes original from Dai Loc district, Quang Nam province, they have many Ingredients, flavors to make a good dish such as: morning glory with steamed pompano, especial the pork roll with green vegetable, fresh herbs such as bean sprouts, cilantro, diced green onions, banana blossoms, basil and mint. This special dish ate accomdist with special fish sauce from Nam O village or Mam Cay from Dai Loc.

In the first taste, the connoisseurs will agree that this folksy dish has its identical taste to make them hard to forget. Within the pork rice paper roll in Da Nang, the old perspective of eating once but remember forever comes into effect. So, let’s see why the gastronomic masters have been voting the rolls high.

How to make an Pork rice paper roll?

da nang foodIn Da Nang City, the rice paper rolls with pork do not have the sophisticated cooking way. Rather, the quintessence of the rolls lies in the material preparation stage. First of all, the key is the rice paper, which should be the high-quality rice paper with drying mist, rice aroma, and hard-to-broken surface. With the appropriate rice paper, you get the half success to make the dish.

The next step is selecting the fine pork. Boil the pork for a while in the pool of water until the pork becomes soft, its meat turns white, and the fat section looks clear. If you over-boil the meat, it will get dried and shrunken; this is not good for the perfect completion. Therefore, just boil until you notice the soft pork.

Then, the raw vegetables are one of the indispensable ingredients to create the stunning rice paper rolls with pork. Apparently, the plate of the raw vegetable holds the biggest area on the table because there use dozens of the vegetable kinds. For the greatest dish, the vegetables need to be fresh, and they can be found in almost any vegetable garden all year round. Besides, the recipe should include noodle, cucumber, green banana, beansprouts, and especially is the tasty anchovy paste.

To keep the original deliciousness of this food and to ensure the food hygiene & safety, the cooking utensils need to be dipped into the boiled water before they touch the pork.

How to eat the Pork Rice Paper Rolls

It’s a pleasurable process to enjoy the dish. You should take it easy to place the ingredients of pork, vegetables, noodle, beansprouts, etc., in the rice paper appropriately so that you can then create the round and solid roll. With the favorite roll in hand, you enjoy dipping it into the spicy anchovy paste – the best sauce for this dish that cannot be replaced by any other paste. It is the anchovy paste that sets the Da Nang’s pork rice paper roll apart from the other versions across Vietnam. The Da Nang chefs have their own secret to mixing the stunning anchovy paste wining the praises of the many gourmets to enjoy the paste confidently.

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When eating, the fresh taste of the vegetables combines with the succulence of the pork and the spicy anchovy paste that enchants hundreds of culinary travelers to Da Nang City – the most worth living city in Vietnam. The renowned pork rice paper roll is a must to try whenever you travel to this young city. Just eat it in the favorite sophisticated restaurants or the street food stalls or the food markets. This delicacy will never disappoint your palate!

Where to eat:

It has many local restaurant in Da Nang serve this special dish, we highlight recommend this restaurant because of friendly staff and their special sauce.

  • Bánh tráng thịt heo – Quỳnh Đại Lộc
    176 Nguyen Hoang street, Da Nang city, Vietnam
    [at_btn text=”Google Map” url=”https://www.google.com/maps/place/B%C3%A1nh+Tr%C3%A1ng+Cu%E1%BB%91n+Th%E1%BB%8Bt+Heo/@16.0605534,108.2114729,17z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x314219b5894ccfdb:0xf8c6b40fddddd488!2zMTc2IE5ndXnhu4VuIEhvw6BuZywgVGhhbmggS2jDqiwgSOG6o2kgQ2jDonUsIMSQw6AgTuG6tW5nLCBWaWV0bmFt!3b1!8m2!3d16.0605483!4d108.2136616!3m4!1s0x314219b58b5f9381:0xd079c9904af3fe9d!8m2!3d16.0605483!4d108.2136616″ type=”button” style=”secondary2″ size=”small” corners=”rounded” light=”on” transparent=”off” icon_align=”left”]

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