A Story Of Gia Long Emperor

Gia long mausoleum
Gia Long main temple

Being founded by Emperor Gia Long (Nguyen Anh), the Nguyen Dynasty including 13 kings lasted for over 140 years (1802 – 1945). In the beginning, Nguyen Anh experienced a lot of hardships for a fourth of a century to found his kingdom. Pressingly hunted by the Tay Sun force, he had to run away to Phu Quoc Island, at times hiding at the Ca Mau Cape or wandering for a shelter in Thailand.

Many a time he had no food and had to live on fruit, cold surplus rice or shrimp paste… Luckily, he still stood high in favor of the Heaven and was sup-ported to surpass all the dangers so that at last, he succeeded in restoring his own nation.

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What were the chances which had supported Gia Long emperor to the victory? Once he prepared to set off by sea, a small fish jumped into his boat or a school of water snakes raised it up and on another time a gecko lay in front of the boat to prevent him from going to the open sea. The events were considered bad omens, so Nguyen Anh and his followers were unwilling to start their voyages. No one knew until later that they were saved from falling into the Tay Son’s traps on the sea thanks to those bad omens.

Dragon yard in front of temple
Dragon yard in front of temple

In July 1783, Nguyen Anh – Gia Long was besieged at Con Lon Island by the Tay Son Navy Force. Fortunately, a sea storm rose up and its high waves sank most of the Tay Son force’s ships so that Nguyen Anh and his soldiers were able to escape easily. In the same year (1873), hotly run after by the Tay Sun force, Nguyen Anh had to wade across the Bang river (Vam Co). Suddenly he ran across a crocodile, so he leap up a buffalo which was swimming in the river to avoid that wicked monster. The water flowed so swiftly that the buffalo was nearly drowned. Right at that moment, another crocodile appeared to support the buffalo as far as the other bank.

gia-long-templeGood Heaven, Nguyen Anh – Gia Long was saved then! Those events were as magical as legends were. They helped Nguyen Anh overcome a lot of dangers and hardships on the way to the victory and become The First Highest Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. He ascended the throne on May 12, 1802.