The Golden bridge on Bana Hills peak

Ba Na Hill is located on the top of Chua Mountain, this is a destination not to be missed when travelling to Da Nang with spectacular sceneries and interesting activities. Ba Na hill is more and more interested in the appearance of a beautiful bridge. The name of this bridge is the Golden Bridge.

From a distance, two giant stone hands reaching out from the mountains in Central Viet Nam look old like a remnant from ancient times. But do not be fooled: It is a metal wire and fibreglass network used to support an incredible walking bridge that was just opened in June. The Golden Bridge is located at an altitude of nearly 1.140m compared to the sea view on Ba Na Mountain and connects a cable car station with nearby gardens. The 150m long bridge offers visitors plenty of space to enjoy the charming and impressive sceneries. It is an effort to attract more tourists to the city

Designed by Vu Viet Anh belonging to TA Landscape Architecture Company, he says that he is proud of the image of this project that visitors from all over the word share and support.

With the unique design, the bridge makes anyone who set foot to be surprised by the majesty of nature and the magic of beautiful landscape with the creation of human hands. Come here, you just get a breathtaking view of the jungle, just experience the feeling of walking in the clouds, mid-sky clouds where no place else have been.

Located in the Thien Thai garden, the bridge is viewed as a special transiting point for travellers to move conveniently from the foot of the mountain or French village to the flower garden- Le Jarin D’ Amour. The bridge is 12.8m wide, nearly 150m long, including 8 spans, the longest span: 21,2m. According to TA Landscape Architecture- the unit directly designed the Golden Bridge- the image representing the hands of the mountain gods, drawing from the rocky mountain a gold band to help the villagers to the Thien Thai garden. The Golden Bridge has created a path between the airs, the frosted picture frame as the scene of Ba Na Mountain. From the Golden Bridge, visitors can admire the pristine forests stretching far and far away. You can adore the panorama of beautiful Da Nang city.

Sun World in Ba Na Hills has been a major tourist destination of Da Nang city, attracted tourists with a series of events and unique building such as the cable car, French village, flower garden of love, museums… However, thanks to the special attention of the well-known press in the words, the birth of this masterpiece will contribute to promoting tourism both coastal city and Viet Nam.

The hands of God

What season you should go sightseeing Ba Na Hills in Da Nang?

Summer is beginning if you still do not know where to go, then Ba Na Hills would be an ideal suggestion. And the Golden Bridge is definitely the place to explore as you come here. Let’s experience the feeling of walking in the air and touching the clouds.

By dint of the unique beauty and architecture with a special location that Golden Bridge attracts a lot of attention from tourists to visit. Especially, it is a great place for beautiful photos. If you are a photographer or who love nature, you should come here once. Let’s take the wonderful pictures here.

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