It was time to start our last trip in the central of Vietnam: from Da Nang to Hue airport, we didn’t book a flight ticket from DN to Hanoi because we didn’t want to miss the most beautiful road in the central – Hai Van pass.

We had to go away because of the breaking out COVID-19 pandemic in Danang in the summer of 2020

Instead of seating public buses, we booked a private car for safety and bus drive via the tunnel, we still had a couple of more hours of Southeast Asian journeys left, and it had been looking just like the trip from Da Nang to Hue might just be our quietest excursion yet.Drop in Lagoon when driving hue to hoi an

As soon as I received our booking confirmation via email by Mr. Hoang and set a time for us (you can choose a time or ask him for a recommendation). Near the departure time, he contacted us again and send a message on WhatsApp to the provided to verify with driver’s info and the plate car number.

A smartly dressed Vietnamese man with a green shirt came to visit us as we were sitting in the reception with our backpacks surrounding us and began talking in English to us (surprising – a little bit but it is enough for us).

The car was incredibly spacious, comfortable and it seems brand new, comfortable seats for the foreigner like us. There was also free Wi-Fi within the car that worked all right considering. Out of all the places we traveled via bus or car in Asia, I feel Vietnam wins the prize for having the comfortable and most luxurious modes of transport.

Heading out early to Hue from Da Nang 

We depart at 11:30 in the morning, 10 minutes before the scheduled time of departure, the driver arrived in time and waited for us in the parking then he came to meet us, very polite. The driver pulled over at a little coffee shop at the side of the road one hour into our journey and we can take pictures in Hai Van pass, big rock, and the Hai Van gate.

You can buy something such as a coffee or a bottle of water if you want to use the toilet of the coffee shop. It is a courtesy in Vietnam.

Stop in Lap An Lagoon, you can have a meal with seafood, while waiting for the staff server meal, you can take pics in the sand bar among the lagoon.

travel hue to hoi an by car
Lap An Lagoon in Lang Co

 Arriving in Hue after a fast ride

The journey took 3 hours for visiting en route before we arrived in Hue just after 2:30 pm.

Overall, the journey from Da Nang to Hue went swimmingly, and that we didn’t experience any hiccups, the driver can show you much information about Hai Van gate, and talk more about Vietnam’s lifestyle. It’s a pleasing three-hour journey and we enjoyed it. Value for money

What is your expectation from Da Nang to Hue trip?

  • Stop in big rock when the car climbing Hai Van pass on Danang side
  • Stop in Hai Van Gate, the border of Hue city and Da Nang
  • Take pics in Lang Co bay and waiting for the train passing
  • Enjoy Seafood in Lap An lagoon and see the white sand bar