Are you planning to explore the Golden Bridge and Ba Na Hills? But have you collected Ba Na Hills’s travel experiences in 2018? Take a look the article about the following experience and see more: “My experience for Bana Hills trip”

The ideal time

According to experience, from April to August in the year, many visitors come to Ba Na Hills. Probably because the weather at this time is cool, moderate, especially there are many important holidays of the year.

Whenever the winter season comes, the travel agencies are often empty, especially the amusement parks including Ba Na Hills. However, if you travel to Da Nang and need to find quiet space, I think visiting in the winter is worth considering from September to February.

How to get to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang?

There are many ways to reach Ba Na Hills. You can read more our guide here: How to go to Bana hills? By car, bike or book open tour.”

Huracars offer price car transfer services from Da Nang to Bana hills.

Da Nang Private car transfer Sedan
(1-3 pax)
(4-5 pax)
(6-12 pax)
Da Nang to Bana hills 36 USD
850.000 vnd
46 USD
1.050.000 vnd
50 USD
1.150.000 vnd
Hoi An to Bana hills 50 USD
1.150.000 vnd
61 USD
1.400.000 vnd
70 USD
1.600.000 vnd

 You can book private car here: Discovery Bana hills from Hoi An or Da Nang

Ticket Prices In Ba Na Hills In 2018

  • Ticket prices apply for the Da Nang people

Adults: 500.000 vnd

Children from 1 – 1,3 met tall: 300.000 vnd

Children under 1m tall: free

  • Ticket prices apply for foreigners

Adults: 700.000 vnd

Children from 1 – 1,3 met tall: 500.00 vnd

Children under 1m tall: free

Where can you buy cable car tickets?

You only want to visit the Golden Bridge in Bana hills and not interested in other places. Nonetheless, coming to Ba Na Hills must be taken the cable car so as to visit the Golden Bridge. Cable car is the only way to get to the Golden Bridge and Bana peak, the fare includes all games as well as sightseeing.

You can buy a ticket at the ticket counter near the parking, no need to buy tickets in advance because Ba Na applies only one fare to all foreigners or Vietnamese and never sold out. If you book private car service with Huracars, our drivers will help you buy the cable car ticket without lining up.

Accommodation in Ba Na Hills

Now, Ba Na has many different hotels, you can find your favourite hotels by Booking. com, Agoda or other agents. The prices depend on the time and the type of hotels. The hotels in Ba Na include:

  • Morin Hotel: price from 850.000 – 1.500.000
  • French village Hotel: price from 890.000 – 1.900.000
  • M-Galery hotel: opening in 2019

How about the food and beverage in Ba Na hills?

For Morin Restaurant, there is a buffet of 225.000/ person.

My experience is: if you visit Ba Na in the summer, the number of visitors especially crowded (>10 million travellers come here each day), so you should have eaten before 11h30 AM to avoid big groups from China or nothing for lunch.  They also services fast food in the main quarter such as grill pork, sausage.

Visiting And Entertaining In Ba Na Hills

With a ticket of 700.000, you can play most games in Ba Na from children’s game to adventure games like climbing mountain, skating…

You can find the “thing to do and see in Bana hills 2018

If you travel with your children, you will feel secure because Ba Na has some leisure centres which are suitable for children from 5 to 12 years old:

  • Dinosaur Park

If kids have a fascination for dinosaurs, like to watching cartoons relating to these prehistoric animals, Dinosaur Park certainly cannot be ignored.

  • Young Explorer

This place is large and suitable for kids who are interested in exploring the world.  Coming to Young Explorer, your kids will take part in exciting activities such as climbing, crossing obstacles or playing in the field of multi-purpose.

  • Zoo shrugs

Travelling to Ba Na Hills, participating in games in zoo shrugs is considered as a wonderful choice for families. In this zoo shrugs, models of animals such as helicopters, aircraft, cars, and trucks and so on are created to help children have fun and gain new experiences.


  • Clothes for visiting:

In my mind, you can wear anything that makes you feel free and comfortable. However, when you visit Ba Na Hills in the summer, don’t forget to bring hats and sunscreens.

You need to prepare e thin T-shirt and jacket. The weather in Ba Na Hills usually has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. So why you should bring jackets for your kids because the temperature can decrease to 19C in the late afternoon

  • Clothes for visiting temples

Beside 2 famous pagodas in Da Nang, Linh Ung pagoda in Marble Mountain and Son Tra Peninsula, you can find the same name pagoda “Linh Ung” in Ba Na hills. If you want to go pagodas, you should wear discreet clothing.

In addition, Bà Na is quite cold in the night (not mention winter). If you want to stay, you ought to bring a thin coat to enjoy the marvellous night in Ba Na.

This is my personal experience when I visit Ba Na Hill, and I want to share with you. Thanks for spending your time to read. I hope you will have the best preparation to take a trip to Ba Na through my experiences. Cheers.

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