Da Nang International Airport Facility for best traveling experience

Da Nang International Airport is one of the largest airports in Viet Nam. Drive away from Da Nang City for about 20 minutes to reach the airport. Da Nang airport is a perfect starting point to experience the amazing facilities and the great flight. This airport was built in the 1940s which double runways with 3km long each. It accommodates the domestic and international routes from the cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Japan, Thailand, and Cambodia…

Here are the details of the importance of this airport which you should know if you plan to travel through Da Nang and around.

8 Main Sections and Supporting Facilities of the Da Nang International Airport

Arrivals Hall in Da Nang International Airport

When you land at Da Nang Airport you meet the quarantine concourse against the baggage claim. Dealing with immigration, you can take care of your visa.

If you applied online, find the VOA desk to complete the form and show the confirmation letter to the authorities before checking the passport. It takes about 30-45 minutes before you can get your passport back. After the immigration check, you will see the big arrival hall.

Currency exchange service at Danang airport

In Arrival Hall, travelers can exchange money here, it is a good idea to have a small change to pay for meals and the taxis, in Vietnam, we accept Vietnam dong.

Many foreign travelers who visit Da Nang and other provinces in the Central area need to exchange money or foreign travelers who wish to exchange money at banks located on the 1st floor of the airport. The ATMs are also located in the Da Nang Airport


There is a check-in counter which is built on the 2nd floor of both the Terminals 1 and 2. You will see these sections after passing through the first security checkpoint. Here you will see the boarding gates which have different destinations. The boarding gates number 1 to 3 are located on the right side of the Terminal, 4 to 7 gates are located in the center of the building, and 8-10 gates are at the left side of the security checkpoint.

Restaurants And Cafes

Don’t worry about being starving at the Da Nang airport. Many restaurants or cafe shops are available whether in a public area or in a waiting area.
In the waiting area, you can find Burger King, Crystal Jade, Espresso to Go, Da Nang Kiosk, Urban Market, Puro Gusto
While in the public area, you will see Highland Coffee, Star Cafe, Shilla Noodles, Urban Market

Stores and Shoping

Never miss the chance to bring souvenirs for your friends and family. You can buy your necessities at a convenience shop. There are many interesting stores available at Da Nang International airport if you miss something at the local market. The shops available in the restricted area are Lotte Duty-Free, Jalux Duty-free Vietnam (JDV), Made In Vietnam, Lucky Souvenir Shop, handmade shop, Mini Mart, and Vietnam Gift Shop.

Sim card and 4G data

You can buy a Vietnam Sim at the counter, or rent WiFi devices.

For ren a wifi hotspot, in the rare case that none are available, you will be notified at least 1 day in advance via email (WIFI devices). A deposit of VND 1,000,000 will be charged upon pick up. The deposit will be refunded after the device is returned.

Any fees incurred from late returns or uninsured lost/damaged devices will be deducted from the deposit. An extra fee will be charged if the deposit is insufficient. Devices can only be picked up and returned during business hours


  • Travel Sim ~ 150.000 – 250.000 vnd + Data ~90.000 vnd
  • Wifi device: 90-120.000 vnd/ day


Unwind in Da Nang International AirportMany people say that transit is boring, but do not say such a thing if you experience transit in Da Nang lounges. The business lounge here completes with a computer, power sockets, printers, and WiFi to keep you stay connected with your friend or business. The setting of the sofa, desk, carpets, table lamps, and other decorations make you feel at home. The business lounge is an 700m2 lounge that can host up to 170 people at the same time. You can also find a bunch of amenities for relaxing, doing business, and eating

Da Nang Private Car transfer services in Da Nang International Airport

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