Exploring central Vietnam, Hue and Danang city are definitely the top 2 tourist cities that you must visit, or at least it is the main road you must transfer without visiting. How to wonder how to get from Hue to Danang and vice versa that suits you the most!


Both cities are located in Central Vietnam, particularly Central Coast, so the distance from Hue to Danang city is about 100 kilometers ~ 62 miles. With the short distance, we spend 3 hours via Hai Van pass for transfer between 2 cities by private car, bus, train, and motorbike as well.


1. Travel Hue to Danang by Bus

Traveling by bus is so far the most popular way to transfer from Hue to Danang, thanks to the short distance between them. And for bus transfer, they will drive through the Hai Van tunnel without stopping. 

Booking: for the local bus, you must go to the South bus station (~2km from Truong Tien bridge), they also have their website and call them. But they don’t speak English. 

For tourist buses, you can book at the agent. we recommend bus companies: Sinh Cafe, Queen bus, Futa bus. You can go on their websites and call the hotline for more booking information.

Route: the bus from Hue to Danang won’t go through Hai Van Pass, like most other vehicles. So that, you will miss the most beautiful road in central

Duration: Local bus ride will take about 3.5 hours (they will pick up a passenger or goods en route), tourist bus/ sleeping bus 2,5 hours

Cost: around 100,000 vnd – 150.000 vnd/one way (~$5-7 USD)

► Pros and cons: This is the cheapest option, so it’s great for people who want to travel around Vietnam on a tight budget. For just around $5, you will get to experience a sleeper seat, or seating seat (local bus). There are also numerous departures from Hue to Danang daily, so you can choose a time slot that fits your schedule the best.

Local bus: depart every 45 mins. Not pick-up at the hotel. 

Tourist bus/ sleeping bus: pick up at the hotel by van. Start from 8:00 am – 13:00

However, the bus is usually slower than trains and taxis, and therefore the time depends on the traffic situation, and also the hop-in and hop-off time since the bus usually stops at many points en-route to pick up a passenger. Also, if you go by bus, it’s nearly impossible to ask for stopping randomly on the way to take photos, since many people are also on the bus and can be in a hurry.

2. Travel Hue to Danang by train belong the coastline 

Another option to travel from Hue to Danang is by train, and this selection has several advantages as well! The train doesn’t cost an excessive amount more than the bus, but the time period is the same, and also the seat is a little comfortable. Also, you’ll get to ascertain the good scenery along the way! just like the bus, there also are many train departures during the day, so it’s easy to find a time that matches your plan.

► Booking: you’ll go straight to the railway station and buy tickets there, or book online through the office. However, it’s recommended that you simply attend the station and buy a ticket since the web ticket system in Vietnam doesn’t work alright.

Route: the train also will go through Hai Van Pass

Duration: a train ride will take more than 3 hours, slightly light, train never arrives on time. 

Cost: around 130,000VND/one way (~$6-$7)

Pros and cons: There are usually 3 options for the seats: hard seats, soft seats, and cabins (small beds). the costs for these seats aren’t really different, therefore it just depends on your preference, whether you would like to take a seat and do a touch sightseeing from the window, otherwise, you want to lie and rest before a new journey. no matter which option you select, you’ll still use the common services like toilets, steward service, snacks, and air-con. The train is a bit noisy, on the other hand, everything else is convenient enough.

For the Tet holiday, you can not book any seat, you must buy in advance 2-3 months, and the soft seat keeps for passager go long way (Hue – Nha Trang, Hue – Saigon…) 

And keep your eye on your luggage

3. Hue to Danang by private car

The most convenient choice for foreigners to travel from Hue to Danang is that you simply take a taxi or private car for transferring. For taxi, many taxi companies would have a special policy for long-distance travel: they charge you base on the electronic clock so that might be too expensive, instead, you should book a private car with a travel agent, a transportation company. They have many mean of the vehicle from the sedan, compact car to a van for a big group

► Booking: you’ll ask your hotel to assist with booking a taxi or a van, they know which companies are the foremost reliable. Or book directly to transport company

► Route: through Hai Van Pass and stop on the way such as Elephant spring, Lap An lagoon, oyster village. 

► Duration: around 2 – 2,5 hours

► Cost: the worth for the group is pretty cheap, just around 6-7 usd/one way/per person/ group 9 people. Van can capacity max 12 people. Sometimes it cheaper than a bus or motorbike.

Traveling by private car would cost about $40 for a sedan (but you’ll split the cost, so about $10 for each person). Not expensive like a motorbike

► Pros and cons: you’ll be picked up at your accommodation and drop off at your required destination, stop by any points on the way that you simply want to take pictures, and you’ll also travel with your family/friends and split the price with them. Moreover, the period of time is significantly faster than by bus or by train.

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4. Travel by Motorbike

The most expensive but convenient choice for young people and want to have more time at each site. Maybe It is expensive than rent a private car. 

Cost: The price for a motorbike rental is about $10 – 15 usd/ bike/ day. And 5 usd ~ 5 little gas petrol, 2 usd for luggage transfer by bus (they keep your passport and luggage, it seem a deposit for motorbike). Total 20 usd/ person

If you need to follow a rider, and he will guide you en route, keep your luggage when you swim in Elephant Spring or take pics, and avoid the thief. This option is the best for foreigners. Cost 40-45 usd/ bike with the rider.  If you travel by group and 1 of a friend can not ride, you should rent a car or rider. 

Booking: You can rent a motorbike at Hue for 2-3 days. One recommended place: 

Hue easy rider, Gem Bike, Motorvina… If you want to be more sure, ask your hotel for more help!

Route: Highway AH1 and ride through Hai Van Pass

Duration: around 4-5 hours, depending on how many times you stop to take pictures

Pros and cons: Travelling by motorbike would be the optimal choice to fully experience the breathtaking landscape in Vietnam. However, traveling by motorbike is pretty dangerous if you’re not a pro. According to the annual summary, the number of deaths from traffic accidents is many times higher than the number of deaths from covid-19.

Therefore, make sure you’re in good health conditions, have some partners, and a smartphone with sufficient 4G/data.

We hope to have provided you more information on “how to travel from Hue to Danang city”. You have many options to choose from, and whichever you choose, don’t forget to take time to see the beautiful natural scenery of the central coast and forests along the way. 

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