On day trip with private taxi rental

travel hue to hoi an by car

Go to Hoi An by Hue private taxi is a perfect experience that traveler chosen. How about you? Do you want to explore the heritage road in Vietnam? This is a story of a traveler from Melbourne, Au.

The trip begin from Hue city. We have a plan explore Elephant Spring first, then driving via Hai Van pass and drop in Hoi An before land to Sai gon and Mekong delta.

Distance between Hue to Hoi An is 155 km, so we decide rent Hue private taxi to go to Hoi An. The first road from hue to An Bang village is really fantastic, we drove through a local cemetery. Then we drove in a new road, 2 side is paddy fields and sometime, we saw farmer was collecting their harvest.

After 90 mins driving, we take a break in Elephant Spring and swim in cool water on hot summer.

The most fantastic is driving thought Hai Van Pass, this place is know by a romantic name – Cloud pass. Hai Van pass is a border of Hue and Da Nang city, it separate 2 climate zone. Hai Van pass and its serpentine road, frog… it makes we feel we are in wonderland.

hai-van-pass-3You can chose transfer from Hue to Hoi An by bus, but the bus go on Hai Van tunnel, so you can’t see these landscape, or stand in bunker of French, American Army is build on the top of mountain, or the train is running on the foot of Hai Van mount.

Da Nang is big city. That right. But we don’t like it, it too small when you compare with my homeland, Sydney. It is just a big city in Vietnam.

da nang citySo we decided book Hue private taxi and not dropped in Da Nang city, we go straight to Marble Mountain before arrive Hoi An.

Hoi An is a really beautiful. I think it a lived city when compare with Da Nang. It has good cuisine, big paddy fields around, especial is traffic. I hated loud by horn of vehicle in Da Nang.

In ancient quarter, we use cycle, bike, sometime, we just walking around, they have any things we need: tailors, food, drink, café shop…

Travel hue to hoi anHội An – A liveable city.

In the evening, an ancient town is lighted by paper lantern. How beautiful it is! Especially, if you arrive Hoi An on full-moon festival, they have many activities for local people and traveler such as: Taste cuisine, sing with local people…

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Hue private taxi is a perfect experience. Travel by private car is always the best choice for safety, convenience in a new land. We take advance to visit on the way and not depend on other.